Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 (M365) provides a suite of cloud-based software as a service that complement educational and business environments. Many of the products are free of charge, and similar to other no-cost product offerings, they can frequently change. These products do not replace existing offerings but provide additional tools that are available online.

For real time service status please visit:

Products and Services

All products are available in the Microsoft 365 portal at Sign in with your UMKC username and password.

*Note, products marked with an asterisk may have a cost involved.

Office ProPlus

Active faculty and staff and currently enrolled students are able to download, install, and use Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus applications on desktop and laptop computers, free of charge. Please note:

  • Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus is only available to active faculty and staff and currently enrolled students.
  • The Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus software may be installed on up to five devices (desktop and laptop computers only) simultaneously. Mobile devices do not count against this limit.
  • Once you are no longer an enrolled student or active employee at UMKC, the free license to use the Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus software ends, and you will have to purchase a software license from Microsoft or a retailer for continued use. Former students can continue to use their Office 365 email accounts indefinitely.

As an enrolled student or active faculty or staff, you will be able to download the following Microsoft Office applications.

  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • Outlook
  • OneNote
  • Publisher*
  • Access*

*Publisher and Access are available for PC only.

  1. Log into your Microsoft 365 account at
  2. Click Install Office
  3. The installation package will download and run on your computer. After you run the installer, you will need to accept the license terms, and enter your UMKC credentials to continue with the installation.
  4. You can download and install the software on up to five laptop and desktop computers. You can deactivate specific computers from the Office software settings screen within your Office 365 account (the same screen where you initiate software download and installation).


For Apple and Android devices, you can install the Microsoft Office Mobile apps to create Office documents (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint):

  • The individual office apps are available for download from either the App Store (Apple) or the Play Store (Android)
  • Once installed and launched, tap the Get Started button
  • Enter your Microsoft 365 account name
  • Choose Organizational Account
  • Log into your UMKC Microsoft 365
  • Office Mobile will configure on your mobile device

Once you have enrolled in courses, automated scripts will enable your Office 365 ProPlus license. This may take up to 24 hours after enrollment.

When you graduate or are no longer eligible to enroll in courses, the license will be deactivated. You will still be able to use your account for email, but your Office 365 ProPlus license will expire and the Microsoft Office applications will become unusable. It may take up to 30 days for the software to deactivate. At that time, the software should prompt you to purchase a personal license for continued use.

You can install the Office 365 ProPlus software on up to five computers (mobile devices don't count against this limit).

To install on a sixth device, you have to remove one of your older activations. This won't remove the software, but it will disable the software on that device and free up a slot for your new activation.

To view/edit your devices:

  1. Log into your Microsoft 365 account at
  2. Click the arrow next to "Devices" to expand the list.
  3. To remove inactive clients from your list, click "Sign Out" next to the computer you want to remove. That will free up a slot to register a new computer.



Your Microsoft account and licenses don't change as long as you are with the University, enrolled in classes at one of the UM System schools. However, your login username will change to reflect your new campus.

The Office 365 ProPlus software will require that you log into it again using your new campus email address. For example, if you were at MU with the address, and transfer to UMKC, your email address changes to

Note that some students apply to multiple UM campuses. The first campus to admit the student creates an account in that domain. In that sense, a "transfer" may necessary, even if the student never attended the original school.