RooLabs Online

Actively enrolled UMKC students can remotely access ALL of the on-campus General Use Lab software via RooLabs Online. If your department participates in RooLabs Online, you will also be able to access ALL software available in on-campus departmental labs which feature specialized software. Performance of individual applications over remote access will vary, since RooLabs Online focuses on ensuring all student software is available from off campus. A curated subset of software specifically optimized for remote access is also available via UMKC Remote Labs.

Connection Instructions

  1. Login to RooLabs Online with your UMKC Username and password.
  2. Select a tab at the top of the page corresponding to your department/degree or select General Use Labs. 
  3. The number of available seats for in-person visits, as well as the number of seats available for remote access, will be displayed. Depending on your department or degree program, the number of labs and total number of seats per lab will vary.
    • On-Site: If zero seats are listed as available, all computers in the lab are currently in use. Check back later for available seats, or continue with the Remote Access option below.
    • Remote Access: Remote Access is not available while the lab is open to on-site patrons. Hours of availability vary by lab. 
  4. Click the name of a lab in the Remote Access section. The list of labs will reflect the Building and Room Number of an on-campus lab. The software available in each lab via RooLabs Online will exactly match the software of the corresponding room.
  5. Find a computer with an Available status.
  6. Click Connect.

Which RooLab has the software I'm looking for?

The All-Student Access Labs in RooLabs Online contain standard productivity and statistical software commonly used by students in multiple campus units. If you have access to a participating on-campus departmental lab which features additional software or specialized software, you will have access to all of the same software in RooLabs Online only when connecting to the corresponding departmental lab. A comprehensive list detailing what software is located in each lab is available if you are not sure which lab contains the software you need.

Saving Files

It is recommended you open and save files from your student Q:\ drive or other UMKC Campus file share. This will guarantee RooLabs applications have high speed access to your data. When you have completed your work, you can upload files directly to Canvas or cloud storage such as your UMKC OneDrive.  You can also copy/paste files from RooLabs Online to your local computer. Opening files in RooLabs Online directly from your local computer hard drive, flash drive, or external storage is not supported.