Simplified Tuition and Required Technology - Faculty

Instructors may list in the course syllabus of an individual class that some technology related components are required.  These materials should be available for purchase or rent from the bookstore or approved vendors.  Examples of technology include electronic textbooks, courseware (content in electronic format to be used in an academic setting such as polling, quizzes, videos, games, etc.) from approved vendors or SAAS based applications.

Technology related components not sold by the bookstore or the approved vendors list are not allowed to be charged directly to students.  In some cases, academic units or individual departments can pay licensing fees for groups of students at their discretion after being approved by their institution’s IT department.

For a full list of software already approved by the UM System, go to: (website is still pending full functionality, but should be ready by summer).  Please note that some software on this list may require additional approval from your institution’s IT as some software is only approved for specific groups or purposes.

Instructors should contact the head of your academic unit with questions about software that has been included as part of the tuition with administration and finance. 

Academic units or departments can contact one of the following based on their institution for questions or more information about new or existing software.

Effective Date: August 8, 2023


Simplified Tuition and Required Technology for Students