UMKC Media

UMKC maintains a special WiFi network for the purpose of connecting media and gaming devices that do not support modern security methods.

The UMKC-Media wireless network is not intended for use with smartphones, laptops, tablets or any device that can connect to a WPA2-Enterprise (WPA2-E) wireless network. If you have a device with one of these operating systems, please use the UMKC-WPA or eduroam wireless networks.

Please note that UMKC Media does not support 802.11b wireless access. Some older devices that only support 802.11b will need to connect via Ethernet to get online.

Connecting to UMKC-Media

  1. Connect to the UMKC-Media network with the passphrase (also known as a PSK). This passphrase changes twice yearly—at the start of the Fall semester and at the start of the first summer session.
    • To find the current PSK please login to Device Enrollment Page – the PSK will be located at the top of the page.
    • After entering the PSK and joining UMKC-Media, please try to launch a service like Netflix or a web browser to see if you have internet access.
    • If you are not able to load any apps or streaming services, proceed to the next steps for device enrollment.
  2. Determine the wireless MAC Address of your device.
    • The instructions for finding your MAC address will vary by manufacturer. The Technology Support Center will generally not know where or how to find the MAC address for your specific device, so please refer to your product documentation.
    • NOTE: The MAC address is sometimes referred to as a physical address or hardware address. Ensure to distinguish between the Wired MAC and the Wireless MAC.
    • After you’ve found your wireless MAC address, determine if your device also has an IP address. If you have both of these things, continue to the next steps. Your device should obtain an IPv4 address even if it cannot reach the internet. As long as the PSK was entered correctly for UMKC-Media, then it should pull an IP.
  3. Please go to this site: from a computer or smartphone connected to UMKC-WPA, eduroam, or plugged into a data jack on campus (including a lab computer). Login by using your UMKC Username and password, and accept the use policy. Click Sign In.
  4. Provide your cell phone number, mobile carrier, student email address, Device MAC address, and device type. If you do not see your specific device type, select "Media"
  5. Click "Enroll" and the device(s) will be attached to your UMKC Username and contact info.
Requests are typically processed within 1 business day.

DISCLAIMER: A few devices do not work very well on UMKC-Media, due to a variety of limitations. There are unfortunately too many devices in the market, and their versions can change rapidly enough that our support groups cannot keep pace to test and confirm compatibility. It is best to think of UMKC-Media as an “as-is” network. Support for this network is minimal.