We make it a priority to assist our Omani-sponsored students and to make the transition to life at UMKC in the United States as easy as possible.

Welcome to UMKC!

Congratulations on receiving a scholarship from the Embassy of Oman! We are pleased to welcome you to UMKC. Because you are sponsored by the Embassy of Oman, there are specific instructions to follow and requirements to meet.

Financial guarantee

A financial guarantee from the Embassy of Oman is required for us to be able to bill the embassy for your tuition and fees. Typically, your embassy advisor will send your financial guarantee directly to our sponsored student officer. If you are receiving bills from the Cashiers Office saying you have unpaid tuition, please bring it to the attention of our sponsored student advisor, Morgan Ramsey.


When you arrive in Kansas City you will need to schedule a check-in session through Online Services. Bring passports, student visa, I-20s, I-94s and a local address to your check-in session.

Consent form

The Consent Form (PDF) is required for sponsored students because UMKC needs permission from the student to issue student information to a sponsoring agency. In order for us to release your transcripts to the Embassy of Oman, we must have a copy of a consent form on file. You will be asked to complete a consent form at your check-in session.

English evaluation

Students who are conditionally admitted to UMKC will be required to take an English evaluation at the Applied Language Institute upon arrival. This evaluation will determine what level of ESL courses might be required.

Health insurance

All new international students are automatically enrolled into UMKC’s health insurance program. Omani- sponsored students receive insurance through the Embassy of Oman. To avoid automatic charges for UMKC health insurance, please complete a Health Insurance Waiver (PDF) and submit it during your check-in session.

International Student Orientation

The mandatory International Student Orientation is always held on the Tuesday before classes start. Failure to attend orientation will result in a hold on your account, which prevents you from enrolling in future semesters. The only way to remove this hold is to attend another orientation.


When you have completed your check-in session and English evaluation (if needed), you can meet with an academic advisor to begin selecting courses. It is your responsibility to make sure you are enrolled full time (undergraduate: 12 credit hours, graduate: nine credit hours).

Omani-sponsored students are not permitted to enroll in online, evening or Arabic language courses without special permission from the Embassy of Oman. If an academic advisor discusses online courses during the course selection process, it is your responsibility to explain to the academic advisor that you are unable to enroll in online courses due to scholarship restrictions.

Late enrollment fees are not covered by the Embassy of Oman.

Change of major

If you wish to change your major, you must first get approval from your advisor at the Embassy of Oman. If your advisor approves the change of major, you will receive a new financial guarantee which should be submitted to ISAO.

Student advisors at the Embassy of Oman

Student housing

There are a variety of living arrangements available to students. If you would like to learn more about on campus housing, please review the information provided by Residential Life.