Top 10 Photos of 2018

Some favorite photos of our community this year

Each month, UMKC photographer Brandon Parigo selects his Top 10 favorite pictures. From these, our Strategic Communications team picked our favorites of 2018, and Brandon shared the story behind each image.

students hugging
“It is a genuine hug by students on a staff member. You can't go wrong with that much emotion.” Photo: Lavender Graduation
“I love how happy they are doing something like cleaning. The woman on the right, Maggie, is another student who is dedicated to UMKC and it shows.” Photo: Roos Give Back volunteering day
students in lab
“I like the lab shot because of how it was composed with the grad-student teacher in the middle. It shows the fullness of the classroom.” Photo: lab class at the School of Biological Sciences
Kasey Kangaroo greets a fellow Sporting KC fan
“Even though this isn’t the best composed image, it shows the energy of Kasey interacting with a high school student from North Kansas City.” Photo: UMKC Day at Sporting KC
Julian near the historic murals in Haag Hall
“Julian (Zugazagoitia, director of the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art) is just a cool guy and I enjoy the off-angle composition.” Photo: portrait taken in Haag Hall
Joe Parisi teaching a wind ensemble
“Joe Parisi, like all of our Conservatory conductors, is passionate about students and learning. I think it is hard to hide that when they make facial expressions when working.” Photo: Wind Symphony performance at White Recital Hall
two students laughing as the snow falls
“Cara and Dakota are friends and that comes out in the snow shot. They are two students I think UMKC is lucky to have.” Photo: snow on Volker Campus
students playing an active game at Orientation
“The three students doing the ninja warrior game makes me smile because they seem to all enjoy doing something over-the-top cheesy.” Photo: UMKC Orientation this summer
three male basketball players with a ball outside the historic Gem Theater in KC
“I can't help but love every image that designer Mike Duah and I created with UMKC student-athletes all around Kansas City.” Photo: Men's basketball players outside Gem Theater in historic 18th and Vine district
students with foam fingers cheering in the stands at a UMKC soccer game
“The cheering students really captures the new sense of school spirit at UMKC. When you get one this good, you cherish it.” Photo: UMKC soccer game during Welcome Weekend

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