Favorite Restaurants in Kansas City

10 students and recent alumni give us their recommendations
Group of diners at table

The City of Fountains could easily also be known as the City of Food. Sure, Kansas City dominates the nation — no question — in barbecue. But our UMKC family says there’s a whole world of delicious cuisine to explore around town, too.

1. The Mixx

tasty dishes and cookies on a table at the Mixx

“I have been fortunate to be able to have a conversation with the owner of The Mixx, and she is an inspiration. On top of that, the food is amazing.” - Trae Tucker ’20, Business Administration, Communication Studies

2. Arthur Bryant's


“Their barbecue is absolutely fantastic. I could enjoy anything they have on the menu.”
–Jacob Hockman, ’19, Master’s Entrepreneurial Real Estate; ’17, Business Administration

3. Beer Kitchen


“The food is beyond incredible in Kansas City, and this is one of my favorites.” –Cameron Miller ’18, Performance and Choreography

4.  Fiorella's Jack Stack Barbecue


“I like the nice service and food. I also like the fact that they have a separate take-out section if I do not want to eat at the restaurant.” –Mary Okafor ’19, Mechanical Engineering

5. Fric & Frac


“It’s kind of a special place for me since I grew up close to it. They have daily specials that are awesome! Missed the regular Taco Tuesday somewhere else? Well, Fric & Frac has you covered with Taco Saturday!”
–Aaron Banes ’17, Geology

6. G's Jamaican Cuisine


“My favorite place to eat is my home, just the way I like it, but if I were to choose a venue, it’s this one on Troost.” –Roland Hemmings ’18, Doctorate of Education

7. New Peking


“My friends and I eat there quite often to celebrate special occasions.”
–Tin Ho ’17, Entrepreneurship

8. Prime Sushi Bar


“I am obsessed with sushi. That is probably where most of my money goes. That and art supplies.”
–L.A. Clevenson ’19, Master’s in Costume Design and Technology

9. Seva Cuisine of India


“My family and I like to go there. It’s so good!” –Zoe Lemon ’17, Physics

10. Tasso's Greek Restaurant

Tassos Greek Restaurant

“It’s more of an experience than a dinner. Along with the great Mediterranean food, they bring out a band every weekend, along with violinists and an incredible belly dancer that’s been performing there for years, and she brings people to the front to dance with her. It’s a really fun place to spend a night with a huge group of friends and family.” –Salem Habte ’20, Entrepreneurship 

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Published: Jun 25, 2018