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Sitting in a huge lecture room crammed with 200+ students can be a bit overwhelming. Leaving that lecture completely confused about what the professor talked out about is an even worse feeling. But don’t fret, that’s what Supplemental Instruction is for!

Supplemental Instruction (SI) consists of student-led, free, weekly sessions where you can review the material that was covered in lecture.

Here are the top four advantages of being in SI:

1. Student-to-student interaction

SI is a great way to meet students in your classes and get interaction that you may not receive if you just go from the lecture hall to your dorm room to study. Each SI session is led by a student who’s been through the class and done well. They’ll lead a group of students like you are currently in the same course and you’ll work together to excel!

2. Higher Grades=Higher GPA

It has been statistically proven that attending SI sessions greatly improves test scores, resulting in an overall higher grade in the class. So if you need a higher GPA to get into your major program, apply to graduate school or maintain your scholarships, attending SI sessions can help with that!

3. Less stress

No one likes stressing the night before the exam, trying to cram five weeks’ worth of material into one night. Instead of sacrificing your sleep, start reviewing early by attending weekly SI sessions. Your SI leader has taken the class before and knows the professor’s teaching and testing style well. They are there to help you succeed! Their weekly sessions are designed to review the material in a fun way so you are fully prepared for each exam.

4. Become an SI leader

After you’ve attended SI sessions and performed well in the class, you can apply to be a leader! Being an SI leader is a great way to get involved at UMKC (especially since UMKC is the International Center for SI) and help other students, just like your SI leader helped you. Through being an SI leader, you gain leadership and people skills, a relationship with the professor, and additional review of the material that will be covered on any professional school tests you may take.

I cannot thank the SI program enough for helping me grow as a person and gain so much experience along the way. I think a lot of leaders can agree that it’s one of the most rewarding experiences at UMKC. We are always here to provide support to our fellow students and UMKC community!

Published: Aug 23, 2019

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