Favorite Photos of 2019

Images capture memorable moments of campus life
Students stand outside of trashcano

When we look back over the year, words often fail to describe exactly what we experienced or what it felt like to be present during certain moments. That’s where photos come in. Our university photographers Brandon Parigo and John Carmody excel at capturing what life here at UMKC is really like. We caught up with them to look at their favorite photos from 2019, and discuss what made each image memorable.

Trashcano (image above)

“Any time you can photograph an explosion, it’s a good day,” Brandon says. No further explanation needed.

Petting Zoo

A student snuggles with a kangaroo.

The featured animal in the event before spring finals was, of course, a baby kangaroo, John says.


The UMKC women's soccer team members huddle; image is in black and white

The women’s soccer team is conducting a focused moment of quiet before a game, a meaningful part of their pre-game routine. Brandon also says that the “Roo Up” that follows is one of the most genuine expressions of school spirit that he has ever seen.

Therapy horses

 Students crowd around two miniature horses in a nursing classroom.

Two therapy horses joined a nursing class, thanks to assistant professor Sharon White-Lewis who raises miniature horses and teaches about their benefits. John wonders “who knew there was such a thing?” Well “Parks and Recreation” fans sure do, hey Li’l Sebastian!


A UMKC woman's basketball player stands with her arm in the air.

Stillness and concentration are part of what makes this photograph special. Brandon notes that he likes the unique formation of her hand and the way she lingered in that exact position until she made sure the ball went through the net. Even the referee at the edge of the frame is focused on the ball, giving off the feeling that everyone in the room was holding their breath.

Marcus and Daphne at Miller Nichols Library

A student leaps in the air at Miller Nichols Library.

For Brandon, this photo shows how fun students can be, and how willing they are to go the extra mile to support campus. The expressions seen in the photo are also genuine reactions to the goofiness of Brandon’s directions, which makes him feel like he is reflected in this shot as well.

Snowball fight

A black and white photograph of UMKC students in a snowball fight.

Brandon appreciates the spontaneity of the photoshoot, capturing the impromptu snowball fight and all the action and movement in this particular shot.  

Cross Country

A male UMKC cross-country runner is covered in mud and running near a red covered bridge.

John remembers how the brutal weather conditions including a two-hour lightning delay meant lots of mud, but the Roos still made a good showing.

Avanzando event

A student dances at the end-of-year Avanzando event.

The dancing and celebrating on the patio of the Student Union reflected a unique side of UMKC that Brandon says he would love to see more of on campus.

Fall dance concert

Three dancers are on a stage in a dark theater.

Brandon loves how the shot was taken right as the lights were fading out, making the photo appear to be a blending of black and white and color. He also feels that this image complements the emotion and symbolism conveyed in this performance.

Published: Dec 5, 2019

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