Bloch Student Admires Drive and Diversity

Daphne Posadas seizes opportunities at UMKC
UMKC student Daphne Posadas stands in front of Kansas City skyline

Our ongoing story starts with people from around the world, converging here at UMKC. Get to know our people and you’ll know what UMKC is all about. 

Daphne Posadas
Academic program:
Business Administration (Management), Pre-law
Hometown: Independence, Missouri; originally from New Jersey
Anticipated graduation year:

Why did you choose UMKC? 

When I was deciding where to go to college, I originally wanted to go back to New Jersey (where I was born) or New York, because there's tons of diversity, cultural identity and people who are proud of who they are, no matter where they're from. But UMKC offered me a lot of financial opportunity to go to school. I couldn’t turn it down! It was a last-minute decision that I'm very thankful I made. 

Daphne Posadas sits and studies

What do you like about UMKC?

One key thing that I love about UMKC is I feel like I can contribute here. I didn't think one person could make a huge difference, but I got to be an orientation leader and an RA and make a difference in so many freshmen's lives.

Another thing I love about UMKC is the diversity. It's great to see people from all different cultures and stories. I realized I haven't met everyone in the entire world, and I want to. UMKC allows students to start becoming the adult they want to be – one who is full of confidence, creativity and compassion.


UMKC student Daphne Posadas wears a blue UMKC T-shirt

How did you choose your field of study? 

In Honduras, my grandmother was a humble businesswoman. Instead of carrying a briefcase to work every day, she carried a basket full of hand-sewn cloths and clothing to sell. Instead of calling customers in a cubicle, she walked door-to-door talking to neighbors and engaging with them over a cup of coffee.

My father saw how hard she worked to make do for her children as a single mother, and it taught him from a very young age that money isn’t everything, but it sure does help. Since migrating to the U.S., my parents have broken their backs to keep my siblings and I financially stable. After working for others for 15 years, my father finally owns his own company (also without a degree, like my grandmother). They’ve inspired me to follow in their footsteps and try to be even more successful than they were, but this time, with a college degree. 

What are the benefits of the program? 

The UMKC Bloch School has the AACSB business school accreditation, given to less than 5 percent of business schools nationwide. Bloch students truly learn from the best. A business school in the heart of a city has its advantages, too, because a city is always surrounded by business. Kansas City businesses are always on the lookout for the next best innovators and experts in their field, which is why Bloch has so many internship opportunities that lead to a more than 90-percent employment rate after graduation.

"UMKC allows students to start becoming the adult they want to be – one who is full of confidence, creativity and compassion."
-Daphne Posadas


 UMKC student Daphne Posadas stands outside on the Volker Campus, trees in the background

What are the challenges of the program? 

Lots of people go to college to study business, which means more competition. We have to compete with one another, not only for the same jobs, but also to find new and better ways to stand out in a big crowd where everyone is just as good as you.

How has your college program inspired you? 

Bloch has inspired me to become an innovator – someone who looks for how to make the world a better place through business. Henry W. Bloch created a multi-million-dollar company that helps thousands around the nation. Then he came back to his Kansas City roots and donated $32 million to expand the UMKC business school. He inspires me to become someone who makes a difference and gives back, so others can not only do the same, but better.

 UMKC student Daphne Posadas takes photos outside Liberty Memorial

What do you admire most at UMKC? 

I admire UMKC’s need for success. It’s not just a school that teaches students and takes their money. It’s a school that genuinely cares and wants you to succeed. You see it in the classrooms, in the library, in the Student Union. Everyone is in it to succeed and strive to be more. 

What are your lifelong goals?

In my career, I want to impact everyone, not just focus on minorities or majorities but how I can bring those together – how I can use my culture and languages to further influence people.

I once said I wanted to be an immigration lawyer to help those who don't tend to have the best of luck with lawyers. Maybe I’ll get a law degree. Or maybe I’ll get my master's in international business. I say “maybe,” because I'm honestly trying to learn how not to plan out my life. I have goals but I know it's okay if they don't happen. I'm a perfectionist. I'm someone who needs everything to be on a list for it to happen. But I'm learning to live with imperfections. I'm trying to learn how to improvise and live in the moment.


UMKC Daphne Posadas sits outside of Liberty Memorial 

"I'm learning to live with imperfections. I'm trying to learn how to improvise and live in the moment."
-Daphne Posadas