Communication Students Benefit from Alumnus’s Gift

Broadcast studio gets an upgrade
Two students working at a video editing bay

Bob Carpenter, an award-winning sports broadcaster and voice of the Washington Nationals baseball team, recently donated $15,000 to the Department of Communications Studies to provide new equipment for existing studios to ensure students are prepared for today’s work environments.

Carpenter understands the significance of updated equipment in broadcast studios. He has seen a lot of change in the industry since he graduated from UMKC in 1975. 

“When I was at UMKC 40 years ago, all the equipment was old stuff,” Carpenter remembers. “Our engineer was always putting things back together with duct tape. Even then I thought that if I were ever in a position to give back, I would.”

Originally designed for the analog broadcast world, the video studio was outdated for the creation of digital, high definition video, which is now the industry standard. 

Caitlin Horsmon, associate professor and chair of communications studies, acknowledges the gift’s importance.

“So often now a reporter is a one-man band,” Horsmon says. “They have to do everything – shoot, edit and publish. Up-to-date equipment ensures that we are giving them the best launching pad for success when they graduate.”

“Having access to the new studio will make getting experience with the technology and equipment so much easier and enjoyable.”
– Ciara Pate, communication studies

A keen understanding of the field and an appreciation for hard work have contributed to Carpenter’s success, but he counts his years at UMKC as a significant influence.

“Going to UMKC was the best decision I ever made,” says Carpenter.  “There were about 75 people in the whole department. It had a real team feel.

“I want UMKC’s students to have that experience and the type of equipment that is going to prepare them for their jobs when they graduate.”

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Published: Feb 28, 2019

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