Engineering Professor on the Science Channel

Megan Hart was interviewed for an episode of “Impossible Engineering.”

Megan Hart, Ph.D., is an assistant professor in civil and mechanical engineering at UMKC. To view the episode, NYC Mega Build, you must have a cable provider and be able to access that account with your login.

Megan Hart is an assistant professor in civil and mechanical engineering at UMKC. Photo by Brandon Parigo
Megan Hart, Ph.D.
Photo by Brandon Parigo

"It was such an amazing opportunity to see these massive World War II concrete boats beautifully decaying off the coast of Virginia," Hart said.

The construction techniques used to create the supply flotilla helped revolutionize the industry and are still used today in translatable applications, she said.

"The most exciting aspect was knowing that the process for creating reliable lightweight concrete started here in Kansas City with the Hayde process for lightweight aggregate manufacture," Hart said.

TwoFour Productions contacted Hart via email to interview by Skype. Producers had identified Hart as an expert in applications for concrete from the UMKC website.

"We watch 'Impossible Engineering' at home so I was excited to be asked to interview," Hart said. "I flew out to Virginia to film the portions discussing the concrete fleet. A few days later, we filmed the portions in downtown Kansas City adjacent to the old Southwestern Bell building. My role was to supply expertise in the making of lightweight concrete."

Hart is a nationally recognized expert in geo-technical engineering. She joined UMKC faculty in 2014.

Published: Jan 10, 2019

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