A Career in Emergency Medicine

Alumnus Sean Mark shares his experience and advice for medical students
Sean Mark poses in his white coat and scrubs in the emergency room

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Sean Mark ’17

UMKC major: Liberal Arts ‘16, Doctor of Medicine ‘17
Current job: Resident Physician in Emergency Medicine

What did you most appreciate about UMKC?

I really appreciated the opportunities I had to not only learn my profession but also to teach and to lead my peers during the process. UMKC values student leadership and I had a lot of opportunities during my educational career to be involved in and lead student groups that cultivated my passion for emergency medicine. I also was given many opportunities to tutor other students which really helped me to commit information to long-term memory. This information is what assists me in caring for patients on a daily basis.

“In the ER, I feel called to help people in crisis when they are in their greatest hour of need.”

Favorite thing to do on campus or in Kansas City while you were a college student?

I was fortunate enough to become involved with the campus ministry group Luke18. It really helped me make lasting friendships which supported me in the tough times. One of my favorite things to do was to attend worship services and prayer meetings with my friends. We would frequently pray for our campus, the students, the professors and each other, which strengthened me in my faith. These times helped sustain me during the week.

Best career advice you’ve received?

Do what’s best for the patient even if other people give you flak.

What advice do you have for students entering your field?

Medicine is more of a calling than a career. The training is long and requires hard work and endurance. You have to find your calling in the field—something you can hold onto and believe for when times get tough. My calling is to serve the forgotten people of the world with the love and compassion of Jesus Christ, the greatest healer in history. I look to Him when I need inspiration and strength. In the ER, I feel called to help people in crisis when they are in their greatest hour of need. After a long shift or a tough patient encounter, these things are what I always come back to, and it gives me the power and love I need to continue on and care for the next patient.