5 Top Instagrammable Spots on the UMKC Volker Campus

Student ambassadors take you on a quick tour
Daphne Posadas stands near UMKC Archepenko sculptures.

As campus ambassadors, we’re always showing prospective students all around UMKC. There are a ton of cool spots to snap a pic. Here are five of our favorites – all within about a short walk around the Volker Campus.

 1. Miller Nichols Library and Learning Center
A student leaps in the air while another sits in a green chair.

The library is a great place to hang out because not every place is a quiet spot, plus it’s super photogenic. The Minecraft-esque lime-green-and-emerald study area as you enter literally has us leaping for joy.

2. UMKC Student Union Rooftop
UMKC Student Union rooftop

Of course we need to mention nearly every student’s favorite spot to hang when the weather’s still nice. There are lots of fun angles – whether you’re lounging atop or looking at it from afar.

3. Big Stairs on Oak Street
Stairs on UMKC Volker Campus

This pedestrian gateway to Volker Campus is one of the most defining features of UMKC. As you walk up — and up, and up — you’re surrounded by scenes of campus and Kansas City. Another bonus: you get a decent workout.

4. Archipenko Sculptures
The Archipenko sculptures on the UMKC Volker Campus are distinctive.
Plenty of other colleges have typical, traditional columns, but few can claim a pair of funky abstract sculptures by the internationally-acclaimed Alexander Archipenko, who was an artist-in-residence at UMKC. Fun fact: the two painted, sheet-iron sculptures are actually identical — one is just rotated 90 degrees from the other to give the appearance of two different sculptures.
5. Epperson House
Students stand near Epperson House gate.

Everyone wants to go inside this 56-room Tudor-style mansion that was built in 1923, but it’s closed to the public until a future use of this turreted, brick building is determined. However, it’s definitely an interesting enough place to snap a selfie. The house’s claim to fame is that it’s reportedly haunted – boo!

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