Helpful Resources for Hispanic and Latinx Students

Celebrating beyond National Hispanic Heritage Month
students celebrating their Latin heritage and the end of the school year

As we wrap up National Hispanic Heritage Month, celebrating the influential and impactful contributions from those of Hispanic and Latino descent, we want to provide a quick list of resources for students looking to celebrate and connect throughout the rest of the year.

Every year during National Hispanic Heritage Month, we enjoy listening to speakers through the César Chávez Lecture Series and attending campus and community events with food and music from the Latinx perspective. Celebrating culture, traditions, history and heritage is important to us at UMKC. And it’s important these students know they have access programs, organizations and opportunities to make them feel at home.

Here is a list of some of the Hispanic and Latinx resources at UMKC.

UMKC Division of Diversity and Inclusion

The Division of Diversity and Inclusion thrives through the principle of teaching and learning through the broad areas of diversities within race, gender identity, sexual orientation, culture, nationality, learning style, educational level, life experiences and more. Events and programming engage students in socially constructed conversations and topics important to the multi-faceted purpose of culture.

Multicultural Student Affairs

Success is a key element for Multicultural Student Affairs. Aimed to encourage the value of diversity, the organization offers services such as a lounge and study meeting and event space for students to interact and fulfill academic goals. Additional programs such as monthly celebrations, staff-student academic check-ins and multicultural presentations serve to broaden students’ leadership roles and skills.


With over a hundred students and growing, Avanzando offers individualized support in increasing scholar retention, improving graduation rates and assuring a smooth transition into graduate school and careers post-graduation. Avanzando scholars are matched with a like-minded mentor who will link them to campus and outside resources beneficial to their future. Annual events throughout the year include leadership summits meant to embrace the Latinx identity and offer interactive workshops and self-development resources. The Avanzando Program is designed to support all Latinx Students on campus as well as Hispanic Development Fund and Agapito Mendoza Scholarship recipients

Mi Gente! For and With Latinx

For students who identify as Latinx, MiGente is a safe space for those to discuss acceptance of identity and important issues and topics touching the Latinx community and on campus. MiGente furthers the interest and celebration of the diversity within Latinx and Hispanic culture; creating social opportunities for those who are members. Contact Diversity and Inclusion or the employee affinity group MiGente for more information.

Latinx and Latin American Studies Program

Through the Latinx and Latin American Studies Program, students uncover the diversity of Latinx cultures within the U.S. and Latin America. Those enrolled are also connected to those within their culture who reside throughout Kansas City. Student interest in research, history and further expanding their education of Latinx culture is greatly supported through multiple internship and fellowship opportunities to finance their studies.

Hispanic Law Students Association

Created with the goal of diversifying the legal community, the Hispanic Law Students Association provides an array of networking opportunities through enforcing professional development skills and resources. HLSA, through fundraising and the importance of inclusion, works to increase support and membership in hopes of encouraging minorities in law.

Latino Medical Student Association

The mission of the Latino Medical Student Association is to create effective care for Kansas City’s growing Hispanic population and those of other underserved communities. Members of the association participate in community service activities and events (i.e. health fairs, informative sessions) benefiting the wellbeing of Kansas City community members.

Spanish Department

The Spanish Department offers multiple resources for students interested in effectively learning and using the language. In addition, they offer courses on Iberian, Latin American and South American culture, history and politics. The department’s faculty offers courses and conduct research on topics centered around and from the Spanish Golden Age, to contemporary Argentine culture.

Association of Latino Professionals for America at UMKC

The Association of Latino Professionals for America serves as a connection for Latinx leaders who are passionate about making an impact. With the goal of empowering and developing social and practical skills for Latino men and women in order to become leaders of character for their communities, the organization has been able to provide internship and career opportunities for its members.

Sigma Lambda Gamma

This historically Latina-based national sorority is committed to providing an outlet to all-things women empowerment. Their sisterhood strives to take responsibility and action within their global communities by implementing morals, ethics and education into their daily lives to serve as neighbors to other cultures through mutual respect and philanthropy. Get more information on requirements and the story of Sigma Lambda Gamma.

Latinx Student Union

Latinx Student Union is the base organization for Latinx students, culturally and socially. Students are impacted by an array of beneficial, lifelong skills dedicated to leadership, professionalism, unity, and strength. In addition, the organization work toward the goal of bringing awareness to UMKC students and faculty’s view and contribution to the Latinx community. 

Published: Oct 15, 2019