Top Photos of 2020

Spirited resilience in a year of uncertainty
The Kansas City skyline is illuminated blue and gold. Union Station is in forefront.

If pictures could tell the tale of a year unlike any of us could ever fathom, these images by UMKC photographers definitely do.

2020 began full of promise and possibilities, starting with a significant Roo season on the basketball courts. And then the pandemic changed everything for all of us.

These photos show that even though we are masked and socially distanced, we are adapting, learning and moving forward on campus and in our community. See our story.

2020 Vision
An airplane in flight with Kansas City skyline in background
Mujahid Abdulrahim, a professor in the School of Computing and Engineering, flies his plane toward downtown Kansas City. The school's faculty includes several pilots, and the school features a flight simulator. Photo by Brandon Parigo


Drenched in Victory
Locker room celebration of water being poured over Women's Basketball Coach Jacie Hoyt
UMKC Women's Basketball players celebrated their first ever conference victory by pouring water on their coach, Jacie Hoyt. As a Divison I team, this win meant an automatic seat in the NCAA tournament, which was later cancelled due to COVID-19. Photo by Brandon Parigo


Communications Classroom Discussion: Coronavirus
Professor Steve Kraske teaches a class with on the day before classes went remote.
In the last day of in-person classes in March, Steve Kraske talks to his journalism students about COVID-19. The whiteboard behind the associate teaching professor says 'corona.' Photo by Brandon Parigo


Celebrating Commencement in a New Way
Blue and gold lights illuminate Plaza building and Durwood Stadium.
In May, Kansas City celebrated its university's graduates with blue fountains and illuminated buildings. This Country Club Plaza tower was lit in Roo blue and gold as was Durwood Stadium ion campus in the background. Photo by Brandon Parigo


Masked Move-In With Temperature Checks
A parent gets temperature taken by thermometer before moving student in.
Move-in days for fall semester meant making appointments, limiting movers, wearing masks and taking temperature checks. Photo by Brandon Parigo


First Day of Class on the Volker Campus
Masked students sit in a classroom with chairs spread out
Yes, classrooms were larger and furniture was sparser and spread apart during fall semester to promote social distancing. Photo by John Carmody


Getting Catty on the Health Sciences Campus
Two masked students in scrubs sit apart with two posters of cats on walls.
There was a little levity in the form of feline wall art during the first week of classes on the Health Sciences Campus. Photo by John Carmody


An Adaptation
Masked Conservatory students socially distance and monitor progress on Zoom
UMKC Conservatory dance classes included physical distancing and instruction via Zoom. Photo by Brandon Parigo


Chilling on Campus
Two masked students on lawn outside library and learning center.
Masks and social distancing aren't going to stop students from connecting with each other and enjoying the UMKC campus. Photo by Brandon Parigo


A Practice in Perseverence
Masked women's basketball students playing
Women's Basketball Coach Jacie Hoyt, center, leads the Roos in the 2020-21 season. Photo by Brandon Parigo
Hope on the Horizon
The quad on campus at sunset with the city in the background
This sunset view of the UMKC quad on campus showcases the city skyline in the distance. The final days of 2020 include the promise of a COVID-19 vaccine on the way. Photo by Brandon Parigo