Student’s Fellowship with Chiefs an ‘Electric Experience’

Meghan Dohogne, Arrowhead Art Collection Fellow, works with team, artists on community outreach projects  

Name: Meghan Dohogne
Cape Girardeau, Missouri
High School: 
Notre Dame Regional High School 
Degree: History with minors in Painting and Art History, McKendree University, Lebanon, Illinois
Graduate Degree: Master’s Degree in Art History from UMKC in 2016
UMKC degree program: Interdisciplinary PhD with a core discipline in history, secondary in humanities consortium.

IPhD student Meghan Dohogne is an Arrowhead Art Collection Fellow. The position is more specific than a general internship and connotates a higher level of specialization and achievement, which is important because only graduate students are eligible to receive it. 

What is the Fellowship Program with the Arrowhead Art Collection at Arrowhead Stadium and why did you apply?

The fellowship is a partnership between the UMKC History Department and the Kansas City Chiefs. I applied for it as my graduate research position through the department. The length of each fellow’s tenure is dependent on a few factors and varies based on their position in the program. 

What kind of work do you do?

The AAC fellow is responsible for supporting the Arrowhead Art Collection. Day to day, I work with artists for the outreach events we participate in throughout the community. Recently we ran an African mask-making workshop at Central Middle School lead by AAC artist Lonnie Powell. 

Another responsibility I have is to support recent acquisitions by collaborating with Sharron Hunt, chairwoman of the collection, to write the education materials. In addition to the educational materials, I support press events that are typically covered by many news outlets around the city.  

Another area I have chosen to focus my fellowship around is community partnerships and raising awareness for the collection. Each day is an opportunity to support the organization that has given me so much insight into the engine that is professional sports.

What are your career goals?

I am excited at the number of opportunities I am preparing for, but I haven’t settled yet on exactly which direction I will pursue. I currently co-own a research company called D2 Research with fellow UMKC graduate student Poppy Di Candeloro. We pursue arts management and historical research. Working with different organizations and members of the community has been extremely rewarding. 

What has it been like working at Arrowhead this season?

Holy smokes, working for the Chiefs organization right now is electric. I’m thankful for the opportunity to have experienced this season with a great group of people who all want to see the Chiefs do well. As for the collection, everyone should come see it! It’s a fine example of Regionalism and a lot of care has been put into its inclusion as part of the Arrowhead experience. 

What advice do you have for someone considering an internship or fellowship?

Finding a place where your creativity is embraced and celebrated is great for your personal career growth. I have been able to spearhead some events that have given me the opportunity to really develop professionally. The Chiefs have placed a lot of trust in me and allowed me the space to try out some big ideas. 

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