Campus Vending Machines Sell Personal Protective Equipment

All details considered in preparing for fall
Jody Jeffries stands near a vending machine that sells face coverings.

Under our new normal with COVID-19, no detail is too small to be considered when it comes to preparing for the safety of all on campus. Even the vending machines.

This fall, there are two vending machines dedicated to personal protective equipment, commonly known as PPE. One will be at Royall Hall, near Einstein Brothers, on the Volker Campus. The other will be inside the Health Sciences Building on the Health Sciences Campus.

“We are very fortunate to have a partnership with a local vending company that was fully prepared to address the personal safety and welfare of our students and the campus community during these unprecedented times,” said Jody Jeffries, manager of Student Union Operations and Student Auxiliary Services.

The vending machines will offer:

  • Ear-loop masks
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Disinfecting, antimicrobial wipes
  • Disposable non-latex gloves
  • Kits with a mix of items 

Most items cost between $1 and $4 to keep them more affordable than what you’d buy in most stores, Jeffries said.

Regular vending machines that sell snack items on both campuses also will be stocked with some PPE items.

Published: Jul 2, 2020

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