What Are You Most Excited About in Returning to Campus?

Roos share what they’re looking forward to this fall
A student who presents as female wearing a blue T-shirt does the Roo sign with her hands.

It’s definitely been a minute since most of us have visited campus in person. Come August, it will have been five months ‑ nearly half a year!

Yes, the world has changed, and classrooms will be modified so we can safely maintain social distancing. While the physical space will be a little different, it’s our campus community that we’re most excited to see. We talked to a few Roos about what they’ve been anticipating the most this fall.

1. Week of Welcome

“Not just for incoming students or current students, but EVERYONE! I think we all have shared this difficult time together and no matter what this fall looks like, it’s going to be great to welcome everyone back to the new school year.”

-Hope Romero, music therapy ’ 21

2. Helping others

“I want to help other students, whether it’s by giving tours or with classwork. Since all of this (the pandemic) started, my professors have been super helpful to me.”

-Hannah Shackles, communications ’ 21

3. Familiarity

“I'm coming back home, back to a daily routine, to see the faces of my friends and professors and just walk on campus again like I used to!”

-Jose Mendoza, vocal performance and composition ’23

4. Student organizations

“I’m definitely looking forward to getting more involved with my organizations and my senior year.”

-Krithika Selvarajoo, chemistry and English ‘21

5. Theatre

“It’s hard to do theatre online. Yes, in my theater classes, we’ll have to wear masks like everyone else does. This time away has made me realize how social my job is and how social the field I’m going into is.”

-Michelle Lawson, theatre and history ’ 21

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