My Life During COVID: Tammy Welchert

Checking in to see how our UMKC community is managing the highs and lows of sheltering in place

Tammy Welchert is sheltering in place with her husband, Dave, who is retired from the Kansas City Fire Department, her son Hunter, who is finishing his senior year of high school and Mr. Diggity, their 3-year-old toy poodle.

“Right now, my number one responsibility is to prevent COVID-brain,” Welchert, associate teaching professor, director of student affairs and academic advising research areas at School of Biological and Chemical Sciences, says. “This can take many forms, but my top priority is just remembering what day it is.”

Currently, she is teaching four classes and helping with advising.

“And I’m helping to plan the most awesome virtual graduation ceremony ever!”

While Welchert’s focused on helping students, she’s aware that balance is key.

“I feel compelled to be at the ready all the time, to take care of students needs as they indicate them. I’m trying to remember that I am important and need to make time to take care of myself so I can take care of them!”

Welchert is known for her exuberant spirit, so it’s no surprise that she’s finding joy, too. 

“I love watching the pictures come in from our graduating students and assisting the Life Sciences 202 students as they prepare to submit applications to professional healthcare programs this summer! And being able to pet Mr. Diggity and have lunch every day with Dave on the deck!”

What are you reading?

I have three books on my nightstand, “Hag-Seed” by Margaret Atwood that we are using in the first-year seminar course this fall with UMKC Essentials, “Every Breath” by Nicholas Spark and “A Pilgrim's Guide to the Camino de Santiago.”  

What are you watching?  

We just finished “Ozark” and “Little Fires Everywhere.” Both were amazing! We are getting ready to start the newest season of “Billions” and of course don't miss an episode of “Survivor”! 

What are you eating?  

Yum, I just shared this recipe with a couple of our advisors. It’s the best ramen I have ever eaten. I found the recipe on Pinterest which is where I find almost everything!

We’d love to know how you’re sheltering in place! Contact Patricia O’Dell if you want to share your story.

Published: May 4, 2020
Posted In: Our People

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