UMKC, Full Employment Council Partner to Create a 21st Century Workforce

The FEC Coding Academy at UMKC offers two classes for displaced workers
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The University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Computing and Engineering and Full Employment Council created a partnership to deliver a 21st century workforce in Kansas City.

The FEC Coding Academy offers two classes – Web Developer Fundamentals and Full Stack Web Developer – for displaced and incumbent workers to move up in their careers. These courses provide an opportunity for attendees to learn to build websites from scratch with no prior experience necessary and tuition assistance for those who qualify.

“The Full Employment Council is interested in connecting Missouri residents who have lost their jobs to industry-informed training opportunities that result in industry-recognized portable credentials. Our ultimate goal is rapid reentry into the workplace,” said Shelley Penn, senior vice president and chief operations officer for the FEC.

Through the Coding Academy, instructors will equip attendees with marketable skills to forge ahead into the exciting world of coding. They’ll also be working on individual and team projects to build a portfolio to showcase to prospective employers and/or potential clients, as well as working with resume coaches from FEC to prepare for job applications processes and interviews.

“This is a fast-track option for those who want to develop skills in technology,” said Christina Davis, director of continuing education at the School of Computing and Engineering. “Given the current state of the economy, the FEC Coding Academy is a great resource for displaced workers to gain skills that translate into positions in high demand.”

The 16-week Full Stack Web Developer Course, beginning Thursday, June 4, will introduce attendees to building entire web applications using MongoDB, Express, Angular and Node.js. Throughout this course attendees will focus on how to use each of the technologies in the stack, and how to use them together. The dealine to register is Friday, May 29.

The eight-week Web Developer Fundamentals Course, set to begin Monday, July 6, will introduce attendees to the aspects of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, the core building blocks of websites. The course is meant for anyone who wants to learn how to build websites from scratch. Prior programming or markup experience is not assumed, however an aptitude for programming will go a long way in being successful in this course. The deadline to register is Friday, July 3.

Basic requirements for these courses include:

  • The ability to pass an aptitude test for programming
  • Proof of birth, residence, authorized work
  • Must live in Jackson, Clay, Platte, Cass or Ray Counties
  • High School/GED with an aptitude for programming
  • The student will need a laptop computer running Windows OS.
  • Motivation to succeed

Though the cost of tuition for each course is $3,495 and $6,495 respectively, tuition assistance is available for qualified applicants through the Full Employment Council. Visit the School of Computing and Engineering online for more information on the Coding Academy and registering for classes.


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