Top Photos of 2022

A look back at some of our favorite memories
The sun sets behind Durwood stadium as the men's soccer team plays a match

Our campus photographers spend each day documenting the stories of our students, faculty, staff and community.

Each year they compile some of their favorite images of the connections formed, memories made and moments shared for us to enjoy. Here are the top photos of 2022.

A student sits outside on a bench with a laptop on his lap. A group of students on the walkway behind him is walking his direction

Two students lay in hammocks that are hung between trees on the quad, with one hammock hanging above the other

A dancer leaps in the air with her legs in a splits position. Below her is the Roo that is painted on the floor of the Swinney basketball court.

Three students sit around a table smiling with microphones sitting in front of them

A professor helps a student with screen print in a studio

Two students look at a laptop at a table at Miller Nichols library

Three students stand in cap and gowns with Kauffman Stadium's Crown Vision screen in the background

A student stands in a white shirt with color powder flying toward her, dying her shirt.

A professor stands in front of a line of students who are wearing personal protective equipment

A student stands behind a large telescope at Wako Observatory at dusk

A student in a UMKC heart t-shirt holds an object that has just been dipped in liquid

A graduate stands joyous on university walkway with one foot over the other, arms stretched out and head tilted, smiling

A translucent bubble is in the foreground with a student behind it, holding a bubble wand and smiling on a sunny university walkway

The camera angle is above two students sitting between two rows of books at the library. One is seated on the floor reading, while the other is laying with his head on their knee reading.

Published: Dec 9, 2022

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