Assistant Professor Shares Expertise in Documentary

Assistant Professor Erin Hambrick, Ph.D. was one of several experts featured

Erin Hambrick, Ph.D. was featured in the documentary, Becoming Trauma Responsive, which premiered Feb. 21, 2022. The film, which was produced by the Kansas State University College of Education, asked experts to weigh in on the effects of trauma on learning, behavior and developing relationships. 

The film documents the experiences of three schools in Kansas and Missouri both before and during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Hambrick, who studies the effect of trauma on children, was one of the experts who spoke about trauma and how trauma-responsive adults can improve resiliency in children. 

"When we make our classrooms and our work places more trauma responsive, we are actually helping everyone. It's just that we might be helping people who have histories of trauma even more," said Hambrick in the film.

The film is available to view online here.

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