UMKC International Student Means Business

Stephanie Ho chose her field of study to make a difference
stephanie ho portrait

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Stephanie Ho
Anticipated graduation year: May 2023
UMKC degree program: Bachelor of Business Administration (Emphasis in Management)
Hometown: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Stephanie Ho came to UMKC because of the diversity of the student body, and says that while students have different backgrounds, beliefs and interests, she’s found they come together to share those experiences and grow together.

“Living in a diverse community allows me to learn from people who come from different parts of the world who have new and brilliant ideas, multiple perspectives, lifestyles and cultures,” she says.

Stephanie decided to study business at the Henry W. Bloch School of Management to receive valuable experience in developing professional skills. While the program is sometimes challenging, Stephanie knows she is building skills that will allow her to approach and solve hands-on situations once she begins her career.

“Our project assignments require us to coordinate and communicate effectively and professionally with other teammates and develop solutions and recommendations,” she says.  “The Bloch School is providing me opportunities to grow, develop my career path and expand and nurture my network.

Outside academics, Stephanie is active in the international community on campus. She is the vice president of chapter operations for Delta Sigma PI, an international business fraternity and is an international student ambassador, advocating for a better experience for the international community through education and cultural events.

“The Bloch School is providing me with opportunities to grow, but also to develop my career path and expand and nurture my network. The programs offered here allow me to approach and solve hands-on situations which can be utilized later in my career.” — Stephanie Ho

In addition, she serves as the International Roo organization public relations officer.

“My mission is to embrace different cultures, increase awareness of cultural aspects in communication and interactions among students, but also integrate UMKC international students to the local community,” Stephanie says.

Being involved in leadership positions allows her to fulfill her passion for supporting international students and lets her get to know students coming from different parts of the world and learn about their cultures and norms. In addition, she sees professional advantages to these experiences.

“Building these skills through real-world problem solving and connections accelerates my career path. This experience prepares me for global opportunities with interpersonal and management skills to work in an international environment.”

Ho says studying abroad has changed her perspective on herself and her worldview, and has given her the opportunity to grow.

“Being at UMKC allowed me to discover strengths, interests and skills that I believed I was incapable of before.”

Sharing her experiences through her work as an International Student Ambassador with potential and new international students is satisfying.

“I am passionate about supporting and helping others, especially international students,” she says.Being an international student ambassador, I represent the international community to advocate for better experience and unite students from different cultures and backgrounds through education and cultural exchange events.

I want to help students succeed and have a great experience at UMKC – academically and socially!”