Students Recognized for Excellence in Undergraduate Research

Work from variety of disciplines showcased at annual symposium
Shea O'Connor explains her research to an attendee

More than 200 undergraduate students presented their research at the 22nd Annual Symposium of Undergraduate Research and Creative Scholarship.

The April event allowed students at UMKC to share their research, scholarship and creativity. It also provided an opportunity for them to receive feedback on their work.

Director of Undergraduate Research Jane Greer, Ph.D. said providing undergraduate students with research opportunities benefits them in more ways than one.

"Students at UMKC have the unique opportunity to work with faculty in archives, laboratories, studio and in the community. Through these mentored experiences, students gain the skills and confidence to succeed academically and professionally,” said Greer.

In addition to the presentations, six students were awarded Presentations of Distinction, which recognize excellence in undergraduate research.

Students show their displays to attendees
More than 200 students presented research at the annual symposium

Presentations of Distinction recipients:

Emma Leonard
Category: Arts and Humanities
Project Title: Sports and Gender: A Comparative Historical Analysis of Men’s and Women’s Sports in the United States
Shea O'Connor
Category: Biological and Life Sciences
Project Title: AI and The Fly
Karah Chappel
Category: Behavioral and Social Sciences
Project Title: Exploration of the Education and Experiences of Music Therapists in Trauma Care
Dan Caron
Category: Computing and Engineering
Project Title: Augmenting BIM with Real Time 3D and Damage Analytics
Amanda Pierce
Category: Physical and Natural Sciences
Project Title: The Effectiveness of Sphagnum subsecundum Moss Removal of Dissolved Carbon Dioxide and pH Balancing of Missouri Freshwater
Alejandra Frias Fraire

Category: KC Works
Project Title: Armourdale's Correlation Between Industry Pollution and Health Inequity

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