Donation Process During UMKC Campus Closure

Here's how to give during winter break

While the UMKC campus is closed during Winter Break, Monday, Dec. 25 through Monday, Jan. 1, it's still easy to make a year-end gift by observing the following guidelines.

Gift timing is essential to ensure receipt of tax credit for the 2023 calendar year for your donation; please reference the guidelines for specific gift types below. If you need assistance with your donation, please get in touch with Jenny Akhtar at 816-780-9151.

Give now by credit card

Donation by Checks

Envelope MUST be postmarked prior to Dec. 31, 2023. If the envelope received is postmarked after Dec. 31, it will be counted as a 2024 gift.

Donors should send their checks to the address below:

UMKC Foundation Office of Gift Processing
202 Administrative Center
5115 Oak Street
Kansas City, MO 64112

Checks dated prior to Dec. 31, along with postmarked envelopes, should be received by UMKC Foundation Gift Processing staff on or before Friday, Jan. 12, 2024. Gifts received after that point will not automatically be included in processing for the annual tax receipt.

Donations by Stock or Mutual Funds

  • Please get in touch with Tram Nguyen at for the transfer form and DTC instructions. Stock gifts must be received into the account on or before Dec. 29 to be reflected in the 2023 tax period, per the IRS.
  • Stock gifts will require the donor's name, number of shares, security, expected date of transfer, and gift intention area. Donors must send information via email to Tram Nguyen at Liquidation of the Stock gifts cannot be completed until confirmation of this information is received.
  • Mutual funds take an additional 3-5+ business days before posting to our account. Donors, please advise brokers to initiate mutual fund transfers before Dec. 21. Regular equity stock takes 24 hours to post to our account.

Donations by Credit Cards

Ways to donate using a credit card:

  • Our website, UMKC Foundation, where donations will be processed through midnight, Dec 31. All donor gifts processed through our website will be reflected in the donor's 2023 giving year totals.
  • Contact our staff in Gift Processing at 816-780-9151 during regular business hours through the end of the year, including the winter break.
  • Mail: Credit Cards by mail MUST be received no later than noon Dec 29, for processing. ** We cannot guarantee mail delivery will meet the required deadline; for more reliable processing, we ask all donors to either call the number listed for Gift Processing Staff or to use our website.

Contacts and Staff Availability

  • The Gift Processing Staff will be available by phone at 816-780-9151 to accept credit card gifts and to answer all inquiries about year-end gifts during regular business hours through the end of the year, including during the winter break.
  • The UMKC Foundation Office will be closed during the winter break. Should you have any inquiries during that time, please call 816-235-5778, and someone will return your call.
  • For help with stock gifts or wire transfers, contact Tram Nguyen at
Published: Dec 19, 2023

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