UMKC Top Choice for 2023 Hispanic Development Fund Scholarship Recipients

Campus event at Henry W. Bloch School of Management provides information, celebration

The University of Missouri-Kansas City is the No. 1 choice for 60 high school students and 50 current students who received Hispanic Development Fund scholarships for the next academic year.

The event recognizing the scholarship recipients was both informational and a celebration.

“Family and community support is encouraged at the event,” says Scott Ezzell, manager of admissions and recruitment for the Henry W. Bloch School of Management. “This support is such a critical part of the Hispanic Development Scholars’ success. HDF encourages family involvement in all aspects of their programming.”

The Hispanic Development Fund (HDF) awarded its first scholarships in 1984, providing $100 each to 100 students through a separately named Hispanic Scholarship Fund. This year, in partnership with local and regional higher education institutions, HDF awarded more than $1 million to 550 scholars.

UMKC hosted the scholars and their families at the Bloch School of Management for the first time in several years due to the pandemic. Students received detailed information about their opportunities and the partnering organizations, but one of the most important elements of the event was the opportunity for the students and their families to celebrate their success.

Gariela Urrea

Gabriela Urrea is a sophomore pursuing her bachelor degree in nursing.

“The scholarship makes a difference. I’m able to worry less about tuition. Alleviating that burden helps me to stay focused on school,” she says.

Phillip St. John

Phillip St. John is a junior pursuing his degree in business administration.

"I'm in my third year and I’ve received this scholarship the entire time I’ve been at UMKC. It makes a huge difference and takes a lot of stress off of me and my parents.”

Erik Betancourt is a junior pursuing a degree in engineering. 

“I wanted to stay close so I can continue to be a part of my community and family. The affordability makes that possible.”

Jazmin Romo, Frida Rodriguez, Leslie Romo
Jazmin Romo, Frida Rodriguez, Leslie Romo

Jazmin Romo is a sophomore pursuing her degree in marketing. “Because of the scholarship I am able to study here and live in the dorm. It provides me an opportunity to really focus on school.”

Frida Rodriguez is pursuing degrees in business and theatre. "This last quarter they really worked with me to help afford school." 

Leslie Romo is a sophomore pursuing her degree in business administration and marketing. "Bloch brings great opportunities. Brittany Bummer in Enactus has been very helpful."


Daisy Garcia Montoya is a senior pursuing her masters in public administration. “The scholarship alleviates my worry about financial aid and allows me to focus on school and work full time. I’ve felt seen. If I ask for help, I receive it. It’s a whole different support system.”

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