Meet the UMKC Alumnus and Fitness Trainer Taylor Swift Knows All Too Well

Hugh Jackman, Justin Bieber and Jasmine Tookes are just a few of the other clients on Kirk Myers’ DogPound roster
Taylor Swift and other celebrities' fitness trainer UMKC Alum Kirk Myers wearing a blue KC Mobb Made Sweatshirt in front of boxing sandbags at his gym dogpound

Are you ready for it? Meet the mastermind behind Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour workout routine.

Kirk Myers (B.L.A.) is a UMKC alumnus who is a rock star in his field. As a Kansas City area native, he says that our city laid the foundation of who he is now. He was a UMKC student when he ultimately found his end game and moved to New York City to build his empire.

Myers is a household name in the fitness industry, with clients ranging from models like Adriana Lima to singers like Swift, Justin Bieber and many more. Myers moved to New York City in 2011, and enchanted the personal training and fitness world in 2015 with DogPound, and his empire has only grown since then. 

What made you decide to start your fitness business?

I had my own battles with obesity at a very young age to the point where I almost died. I was determined to get myself healthy and fit and was able to lose weight. I set out to help others and from then on that’s been my mission and I love it.

What made you decide to attend UMKC and what did you study?

My brother went to University of Missouri, but my sister went to UMKC for law school, and I had always heard good things. My initial major was elementary education, but I ultimately decided to go with liberal arts and pursue my passion in fitness. I ended up losing 100 pounds during my time at UMKC!

Where did the name DogPound come from?

I was introduced to Hugh Jackman around the time I was starting to create my own brand and since he always brought his dog around, the inspiration for the name DogPound really came to fruition.

What makes DogPound stand out in the fitness world?

I’d probably also have to say the community we have, our staff, trainers and clients. It’s like a family, and we look forward to seeing each other every day! The community is strong, and clients really feel that because it’s authentic. We also have some super unique training methods that keep people coming back for more. Pairing clients with a team of trainers allows for constant variety while keeping some consistency.

Do you think your experience as UMKC impacted your future? How so?

Absolutely! It taught me that anything is possible and to never give up on your dreams. I took those lessons and put it into my work ethic.

How do you think Kansas City impacted you as a person? Do you think it gave you the opportunity to grow into who you are?

I love Kansas City! I think it’s amazing and I call it a hidden treasure. There are so many good people, cool art and history. It laid the foundation for who I am. My family and childhood best friends still live there. My first time really living in a city was when I went to UMKC, so it exposed me to a more urban lifestyle.

How has an education at UMKC helped you?

I think what I appreciated and learned the most is how to balance a busy schedule and how to do research. Those are two things I currently use every day as founder and trainer at DogPound.

What would you say to students who aspire to be successful like you?

Stay humble and keep at it! You can achieve anything you put your mind to but it’s important to give back and always remember where you came from.

Is there anything outside of DogPound that you are proud of accomplishing?

When I began as a trainer, I wanted to help people. As the company grew, we developed the five pillars of our brand — teamwork, passion, authenticity, positivity and to give back — all of which we believe has really led the vision to grow and helps define our purpose. Through these pillars, we’ve partnered with organizations that support children like Community of Unity for many years as well as volunteering at The Bowery Mission in New York City. I am proud of the way our team extends their community to those who need it.

What advice would you give to prospective UMKC students, or current UMKC students?

Be OK with not knowing what you want to do in life as you enter your college years. Your 20s will be a rollercoaster decade. Have fun, but also be smart and try to plan ahead when possible.

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