Two Super Bowl Rings Before UMKC Graduation

History student gets opportunity to work with the Arrowhead Art Collection
Meghan Jaben stands in the seating bowl of Arrowhead Stadium overlooking the field. Standing in a red blazer and smiling, Meghan's arm is outstretched in front of her in a fist with two super bowl rings on her fingers.

Meghan Jaben (M.A. ’16), Interdisciplinary Ph.D. student in history, has a unique internship accomplishment.

“The Chiefs have won two Super Bowls since I’ve been here, and we get a Super Bowl ring as part of the organization,” Jaben said. “It’s awesome that we’re able to have this memory of such great seasons.”

GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium is not just a Kansas City icon. This season, the Chiefs announced an official partnership with UMKC that provides some truly unique opportunities to students just like Jaben.

She got to work with the Arrowhead Art Collection, which houses multiple pieces of art throughout GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium . It began as part of the 2010 renovation. Every piece was made by an artist with a connection to Chiefs Kingdom.

Meghan Jaben stands with the CEO of the Chiefs, Clark Hunt, with the AFC Championship Larmar Hunt trophy sitting on a table between them. Behind them a giant red Chiefs background has a photo of Travis Kelce yelling and an illustration of the Lamar Hunt trophy with the words, "AFC Champions"
Photo courtesy of Meghan Jaben

“I got the opportunity to come work with the collection through an internship with the UMKC history department,” Jaben said. “It’s a funded internship where they match you with an opportunity in the community.”
Meghan Jaben smiles seated in the yellow club seats at Arrowhead with a red shirt that says "Our City, Our Team" and the UMKC and Chiefs logos
In Jaben’s case, that opportunity was at the Kansas City icon, GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium . This would be a touchdown for any student’s career, but as a former college athlete, Jaben was particularly excited.
Meghan Jaben points to a quilt hanging inside Arrowhead as part of the Arrowhead Art Collection while wearing a red UMKC and Chiefs shirt that says "Our City Our Team"
“I watched sports growing up. I also played sports, so sports have been a really big part of my life,” Jaben said. “To be able to blend sports and art was the dream, so it’s been really fun.”
Meghan Jaben leans over a desk to look at a screen at Miller Nichols Library
Such an opportunity isn’t available to every college student. Jaben credits the proximity to the city.

“There’s huge value in being a student in the city where there are so many opportunities,” Jaben said. “There are alumni. There are community members to connect you. There are existing relationships with organizations that help a student who might not have those connections be able to branch out. Kansas City is full opportunities waiting for them.”
Meghan Jaben walks by the Corbin Roo statue on the UMKC Volker Campus wearing a bright red blazer