What Your Zodiac Sign Says About the Best Place to Hang Out on Campus

It’s written in the stars… and across the UMKC campus

Ever wondered where you are destined to spend time on campus? Look no further. Here’s a list of the zodiac signs as UMKC spots.

Aries: Swinney Recreation Center | March 21-April 19

Two students working out in the Swinney Recreation Center.

Energetic and competitive, Aries are bound to feel fired-up after a workout at Swinney Recreation Center. The fire sign will also feel right at home with the sauna and steam room facilities.

Taurus: UMKC Dining Hall | April 20-May 20

UMKC Dining Hall

Tauruses are known for enjoying the finer things in life, including food, environments and people. The UMKC Dining Hall encompasses all the above with its vast dining space and various food options.

Gemini: University Playhouse | May 21-June 20

UMKC event at the University Playhouse

The University Playhouse is home to lots of on-campus events, where Geminis will be able to express their sociable nature. Plus, the faces on each side of the building represent a Gemini’s intrinsic duality nature.

Cancer: Haag Hall | June 21-July 22

A professor and student admire the Don Quixote mural in Haag Hall.

Cancers are known for being sentimental. A lover of history, they’ll especially appreciate the history behind the Don Quixote mural located in Haag Hall.

Leo: Student Union | July 23-Aug. 22

Two students sit outside on the Student Union rooftop studying.

Always craving attention, a Leo is bound to run into someone they know at one of the busiest spots on campus. Ruled by the sun, Leos will also be pleased at the opportunity to bask in the sunlight at the Student Union rooftop.

Virgo: Miller Nichols Library and Learning Center | Aug 23.-Sept. 22

Two students reading books in the Miller Nichols Library

Ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, it is only fitting for Virgos to be assigned the Miller Nichols Library. With four floors of varying noise levels, at least one floor is bound to meet their high standards.

Libra: The Quad (Blue and Gold Chairs) | Sept 23.- Oct. 22

Two blue chairs and one yellow chair on the UMKC quad.

The balanced nature of libra loves the quad, especially due to its convenient location to most classrooms and lecture halls. The blue and gold chairs also provide the sign known for being great conversationalists the perfect spot to chat with friends in between classes.

Scorpio: Diastole Scholars’ Center | Oct 23.-Nov. 21

Outside view of UMKC Diastole Scholars' Center

Tucked away in the corner of the UMKC Hospital Hill Campus, the Diastole Scholars’ Center is as secretive as a Scorpio. Their mysterious aura pairs perfectly with the Diastole Scholars’ Center’s  academia-inspired setting.

Sagittarius: Innovation Studio | Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Two students play with the AR/VR sets in the Innovation Studio.

The sign known for loving adventures will be able to escape reality at the Innovation Studio. From the AR/VR lab to the flight simulator, they will be able to indulge their free-spirited nature.

Capricorn: Atterbury Student Success Center | Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Two students studying in the Atterbury Student Success Center.

Known for being one of the most hardworking signs, Capricorns will be able to sharpen their academic skills at the Atterbury Student Success Center. Also known for being practical, they’ll be pleased at the various food and drink options available here, perfect for snacking in between study breaks.

Aquarius: James C. Olson Performing Arts Center | Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Performance by UMKC Students

The James C. Olson Performing Arts Center offers various performances throughout the year, and at least one of them is bound meet an Aquarius’ eclectic and abstract taste.

Pisces: Warko Observatory | Feb 19.-March 20

Two students looking through the telescope at the Warko Observatory

Pisces will be able to Indulge their escapist nature with stargazing at the Warko Observatory. The sign known for being more on the introverted sign will be pleased at the opportunity to recharge their social battery at this quaint spot.

Published: Jan 17, 2024

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