Journalism and Media Students Hit It Out of the Park with KC Royals

UMKC students’ work will be featured on the iconic Crown Vision screen at Kauffman Stadium
Student in Kauffman dugout

Students studying journalism and film and media arts got a grand slam of an opportunity with Pine Tar Collective, the in-house marketing agency for the Kansas City Royals.

The collaborative effort led to a promotional commercial for the University of Missouri-Kansas City partnership with the Royals on Kauffman Stadium Crown Vision, the almost 9,000-square-foot screen above the outfield.

“It was an extraordinarily unique opportunity to have a chance to go out to Kauffman Stadium and really experience what life at The K is all about,” said Steve Kraske, teaching professor of journalism. “To work with professionals who really know what they're doing, have a very clear idea of how to film this project and get it in the can. It was a great experience for our students to have that opportunity.”

Cristian Martinez, a journalism and film and media arts major, was one student who saw the whole project from concept to screen.

“To work with the Royals on this project was amazing,” Martinez said. “It felt like a dream come true. UMKC, whether it be equipment or the professors themselves, has really prepared us for this moment to be on a set with the Royals. It made us felt comfortable. It made us feel like that we were able to really translate what was what we learned in the classroom to a professional set.”

Students got the MVP tour of Kauffman and Pine Tar workspaces. They met again later where the students were able to pitch concepts to the production team and finalize a plan. After two days of shooting, where students got to be hands-on behind and in front of the camera, Pine Tar edited the final video that premiered at UMKC Night at The K. It will air during every Friday home game of the remaining Royals season.

“All of us we were able to attend and watch our commercial up there,” Martinez said. “The Royals showed us on Crown Vision, which is crazy because I always wanted to be up there. They showcased all of us and it was awesome.”

The prime location and partnerships of UMKC allow for these amazing opportunities that students get to advance their career before they even enter the workforce.

“I think coming to KC, this is what it's all about,” Martinez said. “I think some people like to tell themselves, ‘I want to go to Chicago. I want to go to New York. I want to go to LA,’ when in reality, Kansas City is the place to be. You get so many opportunities, like the chance to work hands-on early in your dream career.”

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