Political Science Student From Arkansas Finds Purpose and Passions at UMKC

Flexibility and drive allow student to forge professional connections for a greater purpose
Emmanuel Fabian filmmaking

At UMKC, students write their own stories, form their own definitions of success and chart innovative career paths. Emmanuel is turning dreams into reality by creating connections in political science and Spanish degree programs and participating in organizations including  the Association of Latin American Students and Multicultural Student Affairs.

Emmanuel Fabian
Anticipated graduation: 2026
UMKC degree program: Political science and Spanish
Hometown: Clarksville, Arkansas

Emmanuel Fabian came to UMKC and found his passions. While studying to be a filmmaker, he discovered his true career goal was to help immigrants in the United States. He changed his major to support that goal but still finds time to hone his art and make connections throughout the university and beyond.

Why did you choose UMKC?

I have a desire for filmmaking, and that wasn't really something that was offered anywhere near me in Arkansas. So, I came to Kansas City. Now that I'm here, I've also learned that I have other interests, and some really dominate. I've been wanting to work with immigrants; see if I can help them out. That’s why I changed my major, even though I am still making films.

How has your college program inspired you?

I try to really get involved, and not just at the university, in Kansas City. I’ve found that it's been very beneficial. I've met a lot of great people.

Who do you most admire?

The people I admire most at this school are all the people that I collaborate with. Some in the Association of Latin American Students, some have been in the Multicultural Student Affairs Office. Some are in the world and languages departments. It's many down-to-earth, great people. They’ve assisted me in so many different ways with my academic career.

Do you have any leadership positions here on campus?

I serve as a public relations officer for the association of Latin American students.. It's beneficial to me. I've been able to meet a lot of great people over there. It’s awesome to talk to everyone, and it helps me balance my schoolwork.

What word best describes you?

Indecisive. That’s something I’ve learned about myself, coming to school here. I've also learned that it just means that I'm interested in many things. Career-wise, it's let me really narrow down my decision on what I want to do in life: helping immigrants.

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