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Not only do UMKC's faculty members teach content and skills in their disciplines, they also help students learn. This page provides resources for teaching and learning from embracing student diversity to designing universally accessible courses.

Several of UMKC's teaching resources are part of the Provost Office, such as Assessment, FaCET, and Instructional Design and Technology. Because teaching and learning are at the heart of UMKC's mission, nearly every department or division supports faculty and students. The grids below showcase some of the most-used resources outside of the Provost Office.

General Education

UMKC is transitioning to an updated general education core Fall semester 2020. Both the existing general education core and the new model, called Gen Ed 2.0, are detailed on the General Education Core website. As part of fulfilling general education requirements, students also take an online writing assessment after Discourse 200 and before completing 90 hours called RooWriter.

General Education Core

RooWriter Instructor/Advisor Information

University College

University College is a portal of entry with relevant support services for our exploratory/ undeclared students. Our mission is to offer every exploratory student the opportunity for success through the engagement with faculty and staff, the development of educational plans, the clarification of career and life goals, and the appreciation of the value of the core skills developed through UMKC's general education.

UCollege will contribute to the University's mission of providing a "vibrant learning and campus life experience" through the development of a focused community of faculty, students, and staff with a shared responsibility for each student's achievement of advising goals and progress toward degree completion.

University College

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Over 120 options for students for majors

Inclusive teaching is not just hand-holding; it gives all students the tools they need to learn

The Technology Support Center offers a full range of computer related services - from first point of contact to advanced technical support for University computers and peripherals.

Accounts, email, hardware/software support, computing resources, and online collaboration

Need help finding your way on Pathway?

UMKC embraces student diversity