Reservations and Rentals

From meetings and fundraisers to sports and personal events, UMKC Campus Recreation has several facilities and spaces for you to reserve and rent. Explore our many options to find the best space for you.

How to Reserve a Space

UMKC Students and Student Organizations

  • Space reservations are free to all UMKC recognized student organizations. Charges may be associated when staff and/or equipment is needed. To reserve, you first must complete a facility request form and usage agreement on RooGroups.
  • Regularly occurring reservations (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly) require that all participants have a membership with Campus Recreation. If Community Members participate in your regularly scheduled reservations, they will need to purchase a membership or day pass to participate. 
  • One time events may include non-member community members for an additional fee, however, 75% of participants must be UMKC students, faculty, or staff. 
  • Once submitted, a Campus Rec staff member will contact the event organizer.
  • We require event submissions 2 weeks prior to the event date.
  • Groups may only reserve 1 weeknight and 1 weekend day per week

Reserve through RooGroups

Not sure how to complete the reservation through Roo Groups? Email

UMKC Departments and External Community Rentals

  • The Swinney Center has hosted a wide variety of events including youth sports tournaments, concerts, fundraisers and more.
  • If you'd like to request a facility, please contact Autumn Hellinger at

Submit Facility Request Form

Spaces and Rates

Get information about what spaces are available and how much it costs to rent them whether you're a UMKC student, campus department or outside organization.

Rate A: UMKC Student Organizations and Campus Departments

Rate B: Non-university Groups/Community 

Spaces and Rates
Space Rate A Rate B
Multipurpose Courts (1-4)


$75/hr for 1 court

$50/hr per additonal court

Multipurpose Studios (3 total)



Racquetball Courts (3 total)



Classroom (2 total)



North Lobby



Durwood Stadium



Synthetic Turf Field (half)



Synthetic Turf Field (full)



Outdoor Track



Locker Rooms



(2 locker rooms and officials training room)

Site Contact (Student staff) $20/hr per staff
Site Coordinator (Professional staff) $40/hr

RATE A: UMKC Student Organizations and Campus Departments 

Swimming Pool Rate A
Pool Rental (4-6 lanes) outside of operational hours only


2 lifeguard minimum for 4-6 lanes

1-3 lane(s) outside of operational hours


1-lane during operational hours


Additional lanes during operational hours(up to 3 total)

$20/hr per lane

*Rate A rentals are only available for current UMKC students and faculty/staff members. If community members will be in attendance, they must purchase a day pass or membership through UMKC Campus Recreation.  

**Staff is assigned based on participation expectation and set up



Swimming Pool Rate B
Pool Rental (5-6 lanes) outside of operational hours only $150/hour (all 6 lanes are required for large reservations - staff is included in this rate)
1-4 lane(s) outside of operational hours

$25/hour per lane (staff rate is an additional $20/hour)

No option for closed reservation, additional lanes in the pool will remain open for members

1-lane during operational hours $35/hour per lane
Additional lanes during operational hours(up to 3 total) $35/hour per lane

RATE B: Community Groups 

Rate B rentals must present a valid Certificate of Insurance  

Any rental for a training using this space has an additional $20/participant fee.


The South Oak Street Recreation Field is NOT reservable. This field has a cricket pitch for use on a first come, first serve basis. 


The North Oak Street Recreation Field is only reservable for UMKC organizations and departments. This field has 4 soccer goals and 4 bleachers. Please Note: There is no power, no lights, no access to restrooms/water at this location. 

soccer goals, bleachers, no power, no water, no lights, no restrooms

Spaces and Rates
Space Rate
North Rec Field


Site Contact (Student staff) $20/hr per staff
Site Coordinator (Professional staff) $40/hr

Event Add-Ons and Cost
Rental item Unit Price
Bleachers - pull out Flat fee $450
Bleachers - return Flat fee $450
Carpeting - each court Flat fee $900
Carpeting - partial court Flat fee $450
Post-event cleanup Flat fee $120
Event staffing Hourly rate $20/hour
Custodial staff Hourly rate (overtime rate)

$33/hr (M-F 4am-12:30pm)

$56/hr (outside of above times)

*UMKC student organizations will not be charged the cost of using bleachers or carpeting. There will be a cost billed for the staffing required to set up said items.

Event Guidelines and Parking Information

Please read and review our special event guidelines before attending an event at Swinney Center.

Children are allowed to attend special events occurring at Swinney Recreation Center and our outdoor facilities. All children must act appropriately and respect the rules of the facility and the privacy and space of our other members and guests.

It is the responsibility of the parents/guardians to make sure children are adhering to the rules and acting respectfully while at Swinney Recreation Center. Children should remain in the assigned space(s) for each respective event.

Food and drink (other than clear, bottled water) are not allowed inside the facility activity spaces, including:

  • Multipurpose Courts
  • Indoor and Outdoor Tracks
  • Recreational Field
  • Aquatic Center
Appropriate locations for food and drink are in the North Lobby/Concessions Area and Vending Area.

All promotional material, decorations and facility modifications must be pre-approved by and coordinated with express consideration from Swinney Recreation Center professional staff. Organizations and individuals must remove all Signage and displays upon the conclusion of the event.

Photographs may be taken during special events. Photographers must remain on the event level and inside the assigned event space in order to take photographs.

Photography from the Indoor Track is not allowed.

  • Alcohol
  • All tobacco products
  • Animals (unless certified as service animal)
  • Confetti 
  • Firearms
  • Open flames
  • Streamers

Please note that this list is not exhaustive. Depending upon the nature of the event, additional items may be included.

There is no free parking or bus parking allowed on UMKC’s campus on weekdays (Monday - Friday). Parking lots and structures will be monitored by UMKC Parking Operations between the hours of 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Metered areas are indicated in yellow on the UMKC Campus Map. Parking is available to the general public in the metered areas (using either a meter or a parking pay station) located in:

  • Area 43 (pay station north of the Atterbury Student Success Center)
  • Cherry Street Parking Structure - 5th Level (pay and display areas)

If interested in having parking for an event, please discuss further with Autumn Hellinger at to get information on availability and pricing.