When you complete your degree, all that's left to do is graduation - and we've got you covered to help you complete this final step at UMKC.

Ready to celebrate your graduation?

Want to hang that diploma on your wall?

Want to show off those honors or make sure you made the list?

While commencement is the ceremony celebrating graduation, graduation itself is the completion of all your degree requirements. Because students may work on multiple majors and minors simultaneously, there is no way for the Office of the Registrar to know when a specific student plans to graduate. Thus, all students must notify our office and their own academic department of their intent to graduate by submitting an Application for Graduation in Pathway.

How to submit your application for graduation (PDF)

1. Apply to graduate

An application for graduation is required of all students.The application for graduation initiates the degree-check process.

The application for graduation should be submitted at least one semester prior to graduation.

In order to graduate in any given semester, students must apply prior to the deadline for that semester. Term deadlines are as follows: March 31 for the spring term; June 30 for the summer term; and October 31 for the fall term.

All undergraduate degrees have an assessment requirement. You will not graduate unless you have completed the appropriate assessment requirement(s).

Complete your assessment requirement

Need to change your graduation date?

Students who need to alter their graduation plans must submit a new application for graduation to their academic unit.

The semester and other information listed on the new application for graduation will be used to replace the information previously submitted.

All deadlines for the new semester of graduation apply to applicants who are altering their semester of graduation. 

Commencement and your right to privacy

When you have applied for graduation, your name will be selected to be printed in the commencement ceremony program. However, if you have restricted the release of your directory information per FERPA regulations, your name will not be included in the commencement program. During the semester in which you intend to graduate, you will be sent an email with instructions for requesting that your name be included in the commencement program. Likewise, if a student has not restricted the release of their information but does not want their name to appear in the commencement program, they can send an email to with their request.

2. Order regalia

There are graduation fairs in October and March, where you can order regalia for that semester's commencement ceremony, as well as graduation announcements, class rings and other graduation memorabilia.

After the fair, visit the UMKC Bookstore to purchase graduation-related items.

3. Diplomas

All diplomas are printed as portrait style.  Undergraduate and graduate diplomas are 8 1/2 by 11 inches. The diplomas for the professional degrees (law, medicine, dentistry and pharmacy) are 14 by 17 inches.

Diplomas may be picked up in person beginning 40 days following the last final exam for the semester from the Administrative Center. An email with specific details about picking up diplomas and having them mailed will be emailed to graduates within a week of diplomas being available for pick up. Students must present photo identification to pick up their diplomas.  Diplomas will be mailed to students upon request, using the address supplied on the application for graduation. Diplomas will not be released for students with a hold on their account that also prevents the release of a transcript.  Students should check their holds in Pathway prior to picking up their diplomas to avoid any complications.  

Professional students pick up their diploma in their academic unit. 

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