Change Contact Information

Need to update your contact information? We've got the instructions to help you out! Contact our office if you can't find what you need.

Change official name on file

Students can change their official name on file with the University by completing a student information change form and supplying appropriate documentation to Registration and Records.

Acceptable forms of identification include:

  • current driver's license
  • original social security cards
  • other identification as approved by Registration and Records

Change official name on file (PDF)

Update secondary email address

The UMKC email address is considered the official form of communication and cannot be changed.

When you applied for admission, you provided a secondary email address. This will not be used while you are a student at UMKC, but it may be used in emergency situations if we are unable to reach you via other methods. To update this email address, complete the student information change form and submit (by mail, fax or in person) to Registration and Records.

Change secondary email (PDF)

Update social security number on file

Students can change the social security number (SSN) they have on file with the university by completing a student information change form and providing their original social security card for verification to Registration and Records. Unless a student is receiving federal financial aid, the social security number is not a required part of the student's academic record.

Change SSN on file (PDF)

Other contact information changes

Students can change their official addresses, telephone numbers, and alternate emails that are on file with UMKC either online or with a paper form.


  1. Log on to Pathway.
  2. Select the Personal Information tile
  3. Select Email Addresses, Addresses, or Phone Numbers as appropriate.

Paper form

Fill out a student information form and return to Registration and Records.

Student information change form (PDF)

European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) affords individuals certain rights as to how their data is used and processed and may give them rights to access, correct or delete their data.

UM System GDPR Policy