Dining Plans

During the academic year residential dining plans are required for students living in Oak Street Hall or Johnson Hall. Students living in the Hospital Hill or Rockhill Apartments have the option to purchase a residential or commuter dining plan or not purchase a plan. Students who are not in a Residential Life contract may purchase a commuter meal plan through the UMKC Roo Card office. Meals must be eaten in the cafeteria. Flex cash can be used in any of the additional dining facilities across campus.

Meal plans are not available during the summer session.

Visit Roo Card Office for more dining plan details. Check out dining services for information about hours, locations and menus.



Required 2024-2025 Meal Plans for Oak Street and Johnson Residence Halls (residents select one)
15 meals per week w/$250 flex
(15 meals per week w/$125 flex per semester)
($2,123.50 per semester)
360 block w/$350 flex
(180 meals w/ $175 flex per semester )
($2,112 per semester)
7 meals per week w/100 block w/$600 flex
(7 meals/week, 50 meals w/$300 flex/sem)
($2,233 per semester)


Optional 2024-2025 Meal Plans for Rockhill and Hospital Hill Apartments
Best Value Plan – 50 meals w/no flex dollars $399
Value Plus Plan – 25 meals w/$150 flex dollars $437
Advantage Plan – 75 meals w/$200 flex dollars $912