Why are UMKC and Sporting KC such a great pair? Because we both understand that future glory depends on today’s hard work.

UMKC students have big dreams to fulfill and the dedication to make it happen. That dedication has taken our alumni to top companies like NASA and Google, everyday places like your dentist’s and doctor’s offices, as well as the FBI, Carnegie Hall, the Olympics… You get the idea.

UMKC grads are everywhere. Where can a UMKC education take you? The options are limitless.

The Value in Affordability

We also work hard to make sure a UMKC education is a great value. A college education is one of the biggest investments most of us make, which is why affordability is top of mind.

Meet Our Alumni

Our alumni have used their UMKC educations to reach top positions at the San Diego Zoo, Goldman Sachs and the Library of Congress. They're also serving their communities here in Kansas City as CEOs, physicians, radio hosts, educators and artists, just to name a few.

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