Conferences and Events

Staff Council Initiatives

UMKC Career Services staff members look happy as they give the Roo Up hand sign and hold up a certificate of recognition at the staff awards.

Professional Development Conference

All staff are invited to join us for 20 breakout sessions, a keynote and recognition for Staff Council members.

Conference registration

Two staff members looking happy have their arms around each other while wearing blue UMKC t-shirts during a soccer game

Staff Appreciation Week

We're celebrating UMKC staff with Staff Appreciation Week, a series of events taking place from May 13-17.

Schedule of Events

Monthly Events

Staff Council meetings

The first Wednesday of every month (except July), UMKC Staff Council to discuss initiatives and hear presentations from administrators, directors and others about what is going on at UMKC.

Kasey Kudos

The Engagement Committee participates in the Kasey Kudos High Five program monthly.

Volunteer opportunities

Every month, the Outreach Committee plans various drives and volunteer opportunities with local charities for UMKC Staff and others to participate in.

Staff Events Calendar

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