Kasey Kudos

Kasey Kudos is a greeting card that can be sent to your UMKC peers. It is a recognition card developed exclusively for UMKC staff. 

Send a Kasey Kudos

  1. Log in with your UMKC SSO to access the system
  2. Select your card of choice
  3. Enter your message
  4. Select Preview to view and send your card
  5. You can elect to have the recipient view and/or print the card. 

Kasey Kudos guidelines

  • The Kasey Kudos recipient must be a UMKC staff employee
  • The sender does not need to be a staff member
  • The Kasey Kudos has to have been sent by someone else to be considered valid
  • You cannot send a Kasey Kudos to yourself

Kasey Kudos scenarios

You can send a Kasey Kudos for the greatest or even the smallest deeds that you feel deserve recognition.

  • Your co-worker helped you finish a project
  • Your supervisor brought in cookies
  • Your staff member performed a difficult task
  • Your colleague did an excellent job today
  • It’s your bosses birthday
  • An employee outside of your department lent a helping hand
  • You want to send recognition