International Travel Policy

UMKC supports participants who want to engage in university-related international travel and global engagement.

International Travel Policy Objectives

  • Ensure participant access to information deemed pertinent to travel abroad
  • Assess any potential risks and take appropriate actions to reduce those risks
  • Monitor when and where students are traveling abroad on university-related opportunities
  • Comply with the University of Missouri Collected Rules and Regulations Ch. 210.070

Applicable International Travel

This policy applies to all UMKC undergraduate, graduate, professional and certificate programs participants traveling internationally for university-sponsored or university-related purposes. This policy does not apply to personal travel or faculty and staff travel.

  • Any travel in connection with activities for which academic credit is being sought
  • Any travel for purposes of performance, sporting events, conferences, meetings, research, field work, internships, professional development, continuing education and university-contracted service-learning organized by a registered student organization
  • Any travel for which funding is sought through a university-administered account or a student government-administered account within UMKC
  • Any travel that is university contracted

International Travel Policy Statement

  • Any participant who travels internationally for university-sponsored or university-related purposes, as defined above, is required to register their travel.
  • While away from campus, participants are required to honor the university’s Student Standard of Conduct in accordance with the UM System Collected Rules and Regulations Ch. 200.010, as well as any documents that pertain to the UMKC-approved Study Abroad program or university-related international program.
  • Participants must further adhere to the codes of conduct established by program directors, hosting institutions and organizations, as well as professional practice applicable to the UMKC international program in which they are participating.
  • All UMKC international travelers are subject to local laws and to discipline under the UMKC Student Standard of Conduct. 

International Travel Approval

Currently, the University of Missouri-Kansas City requires all university-related travel to be reviewed and approved.

Program suspension, revocation of travel permission or withdrawal

  • Students are responsible for monitoring conditions in approved travel locations
  • The university reserves the right to withdraw its approval at any time should conditions presented in a request for approval change materially
  • Our office may communicate information and an assessment to affected individuals when there is a sudden change of condition

Sudden change of condition

The International Travel Risk Advisory Committee (ITRAC) may recommend whether to suspend an ongoing or previously approved Study Abroad program or international travel experience if a significant health, safety or security concern is raised regarding that experience. In making this assessment, the committee may consider the risk management plan for the students, staff and faculty, and the balance between the value of the experience in that specific location versus the risks associated with that location or activity. Though uncommon, it is possible that a specific program, activities in a specific location or all activities abroad would need to be modified or suspended by the university due to a health or safety concern.

This concern may arise if a new or revised U.S. Department of State travel advisory or CDC travel warning is issued for a location, or if conditions presented in an International Travel Policy Exception Request (PDF) change materially. If this occurs, we will work with program sponsors, students, other program participants  and, if necessary, the university’s contracted insurance provider, GeoBlue, in an effort to accomplish safe and timely return of all UMKC students and program participants.

Travel to areas under Level 3 (reconsider travel) and Level 4 (do not travel) travel advisory

Financial Responsibility

  • UMKC does not assume responsibility for financial risks associated with participation in its Study Abroad programs or university-related international activities.
  • The university assumes no responsibility for the financial or other losses of program participants resulting from cancellation.
  • If the university cancels a program before departure or while the program is in process for reasons beyond its control, including, but not limited to, political unrest or danger to participant safety, changes to the U.S. Department of State travel advisory, issuance of a CDC travel warning or natural disaster, in accordance with the UMKC Office of Cashiers refund policy, only recoverable fees or tuition refunded to the university by service providers or institutions will be returned to participants.
  • The university will make reasonable efforts to obtain refunds for applicable service providers or institutions, but no refunds are guaranteed.
  • In addition to lost fees and tuition, participants may incur additional travel expenses in connection with program cancellation.
  • Participants may or may not receive academic credit if a program is canceled. 


Policy Enforcement

  • Violations of this policy may result in disciplinary measures in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct
  • The university reserves the right to deny academic credit, funding or reimbursement for any student international travel that is inconsistent with its policies and practices
  • Violations of this policy may result in disciplinary measures in accordance with the Student Standard of Conduct.
  • The university reserves the right to deny academic credit, funding or reimbursement for any student international travel that is inconsistent with its policies and practices.