Whether you're a transfer student or an adult learner, you're welcome at UMKC. View our requirements for admission and the steps to take after you're admitted.

How Many Credits Do You Have?

Transfer students are degree-seeking students who have received a high school diploma or high school equivalency certificate and completed coursework during a regular session at a college or university after graduating high school.

An adult learner is a student over the age of 25.

Regardless of which type of student you are, our admission requirements are based on whether you are transferring 24 or fewer credit hours or more than 24 credit hours to your degree at UMKC. 

Credits from regionally accredited institutions do not expire. However, the School of Nursing and Health Sciences requires these courses not be older than five years when you are beginning the clinical program. 

Select the option that applies to the amount of credits you have.

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If you have completed 24 or fewer college credits, you may follow the freshman admission process.

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Applicants with more than 24 college credits do not need to upload their high school information or transcript when applying. However, you must have an overall 2.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale in all coursework, which includes repeat coursework.

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Additionally, some academic programs require a higher cumulative GPA.

List of the academic unit or program, the number of credit hours and the GPA required for a transfer application decision.
Academic program Credit hours College GPA
Accounting 24 2.5
Business administration 24 2.5
Civil engineering 24 2.5
Mechanical engineering 24 2.5
Dental hygiene 60 2.75
Nursing BSN (pre-licensure and accelerated 60 2.75
Nursing BSN (currently an R.N.) 60 2.5
Public health 24 2.5
Pharmacy 57 2.75

If you meet the GPA requirements for your program, you may apply for admission.

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Transfer students who do not meet the GPA requirement for their course of study may submit a petition for admission. Your petition will be assessed by your desired academic program.

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