What does a typical successful applicant look like?

GPA- Grade Point Average

Most professional programs list a specific required minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) for application to their program. However, to be competitive, most applicants will need a GPA significantly higher than the minimum. It is critical that you consider both the minimum GPA required for application to your chosen program(s), as well as the average GPA for students that are admitted. This information allows you to asses how competitive your application may be. 

GPA Calculations

PlanMyDegree calculates several GPAs, including your UM System GPA (which includes all courses attempted at a University of Missouri System institution), as well as your total cumulative GPA (which includes all coursework, whether attempted in the UM system or transfer courses). Professional programs will calculate additional GPAs for each application based upon the program's requirements and needs. 

To be competitive for Pre-Health programs, you will not only need a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher, but also a Biology Chemistry Physics and Math (BCPM) GPA of 3.0 or higher. The BCPM GPA is also sometimes referred to as the Pre-Requisite GPA by some professional programs. 

These GPA calculations are a critical component in the consideration of your application. A strong GPA is an indication of that you have established a strong academic foundation, and will be well prepared for a challenging professional program curriculum. 

Repeated courses

Programs vary as to how they view repeated courses. In general, professional programs recognize that undergraduates are maturing as students. One or two terms of less than stellar academic performance followed by steady improvement can indicate the applicant's growth when reviewed by the admissions committee. 

If you have concerns about early academic performance, or whether to repeat a course, you should discuss the situation with your academic and pre-professional advisors for guidance, and to better understand how this may or may not impact your competitiveness as an applicant. 

GPA Competitiveness

To assist Roo Advising and you as you assess your academic performance, and your competitiveness as an applicant, a Pre-Professional Eligibility policy has is available in the UMKC Catalog 

You can also use the UMKC GPA Calculator to estimate your future cumulative GPA based upon your current GPA.