Prerequisite Coursework

Prerequisite courses prepare you for the admissions test, and help to establish the foundation upon which your professional skills and knowledge will build.

After identifying your career path, the next step is to determine if there are any common courses that are needed for application or admission to the program. Each professional program determines the specific requirements for application. You, as the applicant, will research your desired programs and develop a list of requirements that are needed. Your Pre-Professional Advisor and your Assigned Academic Advisor can also assist you with incorporating these courses into your plan of study. 

Common prerequisites for professional programs can be viewed in PlanMyDegree, online at

Students applying to UMKC's professional programs can view the following 'One Pagers' for a list of prerequisites and recommended courses.

You are encouraged to meet with your Assigned Academic Advisor and your Pre-Professional advisor to develop your specific academic plan. This will ensure you can complete your declared UMKC program, as well as the courses required for application to your chosen program in time for your anticipated graduation date. 

Course Load

Programs consider both the amount and difficulty of each term, along with your GPA in the Admissions process. Generally, it is recommended that you enroll in 15 hours each Fall and Spring semester. Summer courses are not encouraged, unless needed to catch up to your planned application timeline. Though, if you are not taking courses in the Summer, there can be more opportunities to take advantage of Summer enrichment activities to enhance your application. See Beyond the Classroom for more information gaining experience and opportunities to build your resume.