Become a Summer Bridge Scholar

Students who meet specific criteria for admission to UMKC, as defined by the UMKC Office of Admissions, will be invited to participate in the Summer Bridge Scholars program. Students who are invited to participate in the Summer Bridge Scholars program will receive a letter indicating this in their UMKC Admissions portal.

The costs associated with the UMKC Summer Bridge Scholars program, including tuition, textbooks, assessments and programming, are covered by the Summer Bridge Scholarship.

Summer Bridge Scholars application requirements

  • No later than May 1 - Return the Summer Bridge Scholars Letter of Intent Form. (Space is limited so return the form as soon as possible.)
  • No later than May 1 - Participate in an online Summer Bridge Scholars information session.
  • By May 1 - Accept your offer of admission to UMKC by paying your $150 confirmation fee.
  • Read the University of Missouri Statement of Financial Responsibility (PDF).

Summer Bridge Scholars program requirements

Scholars must fulfill the following requirements while in the program.

  • Grades - Scholars are required to earn a minimum 2.0 GPA and actively participate in all programming throughout the summer semester. Falling below these standards may result in dismissal from the summer program.
  • Attendance - Scholars are not allowed to work Monday-Friday during the eight-week term and are required to attend all programming events (90% attendance rate) and are not excused from events because of work commitments. Scholars who choose to work during the program must agree to only work on weekends.