UMKC Catalog


CAS Study Abroad Programs
  In collaboration with the Center for International Academic Programs, the College helps make available to its students a variety of study abroad programs that provide an exciting way to add a global dimension to their UMKC education through exploring and sharing the cultures of other countries.

Study abroad programs are available for a summer, semester or academic year. Students can earn credit towards their degree, and with careful planning, they should lose no time toward graduation. Study abroad is affordable since financial aid and scholarships are applicable to many programs, and other grants and scholarships are available specifically for study abroad.

The exchange university consortium, Mid-American Universities International, InterFuture, foreign exchanges offered through the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, and the Missouri-London program are among the many program choices available. Among the possible destinations are:

Argentina         England    Korea          Scotland
Australia         Finland    Lithuania      Slovenia
Austria           France     Malta          South Africa
Belgium           Germany    Mexico         Spain
Chile             Greece     Netherlands    Sweden
Costa Rica        Iceland    New Zealand    Switzerland
Czech Republic    Ireland    Norway         
Denmark           Italy      Portugal       

For more information regarding study abroad and related scholarships, please visit Additionally, the UMKC Study Abroad Coordinator is available at (816) 235-5790.