Financial aid forms

  • Special circumstances appeal
  • Dependency override appeal
  • Satisfactory academic progress appeal
  • Alternative loan request sheet
  • Order tax return transcript
  • TEACH grant application
  • Consortium agreement

Emergency funding and resources

  • UMKC student emergency fund
  • Short-term loan 
  • Kangaroo Pantry first-time user application

Form G-1145 e-notification of application/petition acceptance (PDF)

Optional practical training (OPT) forms and info

International student application info

International student admission requirements

Visiting/community student application (PDF)

The following forms are available through International Student Affairs e-Forms

  • Certificate of enrollment or visa status
  • Certificate of scholarship
  • Concurrent enrollment for UMKC students to take courses at another institution
  • Concurrent enrollment for visiting F/J students to take UMKC courses
  • International student concurrent enrollment form
  • Curricular practical training application
  • Declaration of major — requirements, process and new documents
  • Documents for a driver's license: SS non-employment letter and certificate
  • Exit form for F-1 students upon graduation or early departure
  • Exit form for J-1 students upon program completion or early departure
  • FTE form to demonstrate full-time equivalency enrollment
  • Invite relatives (and friends) to U.S.
  • OPT employer information entry or update prior to start of OPT
  • OPT information updating (within the 10-day reporting deadline)
  • Request a health insurance exemption (each semester)
  • Request a replacement or updated DS-2019 document
  • Request a replacement or updated I-20 document
  • Register an official name change at UMKC or correct personal data
  • Request for extension of DS-2019 program end date
  • Request for extension of I-20 program end date
  • Request for J-1 scholar DS-2019 modification
  • Request to add a F-2 dependent to your I-20
  • Request to add a J-2 dependent to your DS-2019
  • Social Security letter to request SSN for employment
  • Social Security non-employment letter for various purposes
  • Travel endorsement signature for F-visa I-20
  • Travel endorsement signature for J-visa DS-2019
  • Visiting student application for valid visa holders