Court Warming

Hosted by the Union Programming Board and the Office of Student Involvement, Court Warming is a weeklong celebration of UMKC pride. Featured events include Trivia, a Comedian, Kansas City Athletics Basketball games, and Yell Like Hell. Student candidates also compete for the honor of being crowned Roo Royalty.

 Court Warming Winners 2022

Court Warming History

The University of Missouri-Kansas City began putting on an annual Homecoming banquet and dance in 1955. At that time the University did not have a football or a basketball team, so the dance honored the alumni of the university. Although the students danced the night away at the dance, the tradition was not like it is today. It was not the week full of events that we all look forward to now.

The tradition came to an end in the mid 1970’s when the dance started to become less successful. One of the University newspaper headlines read “Homecoming Flops”. It is assumed that the change of spirit and student involvement came when all Korean War Veterans came back from the war and went back to school. The student population suddenly became comprised largely of adults, which drastically changed the environment of student activities on campus.

The Activity & Program Council revived the tradition in 1996 under a new name to honor and promote UMKC school spirit and athletics, especially the basketball program. Today, Court Warming features a week packed with fun events both on and off campus. In addition, two student leaders from campus compete to be crowned Roo Royalty. The highlight of the week is the Yell Like Hell, and the Court Warming Roo Royalty are crowned during halftime of the KC Athletics Basketball game on Saturday.

Stay tuned for the Court Warming 2023 Schedule and Roo Royalty Applications!