Court Warming

Hosted by the Union Programming Board and the Office of Student Involvement, Court Warming is a weeklong celebration of UMKC pride. Featured events include Trivia, Canned Art Creation, Kansas City Athletics Basketball games, and Yell Like Hell. Student candidates also compete for the honor of being crowned Roo Royalty.


Court Warming History

The University of Missouri-Kansas City began putting on an annual Homecoming banquet and dance in 1955. At that time the University did not have a football or a basketball team, so the dance honored the alumni of the university. Although the students danced the night away at the dance, the tradition was not like it is today. It was not the week full of events that we all look forward to now.

The tradition came to an end in the mid 1970’s when the dance started to become less successful. One of the University newspaper headlines read “Homecoming Flops”. It is assumed that the change of spirit and student involvement came when all Korean War Veterans came back from the war and went back to school. The student population suddenly became comprised largely of adults, which drastically changed the environment of student activities on campus.

The Activity & Program Council revived the tradition in 1996 under a new name to honor and promote UMKC school spirit and athletics, especially the basketball program. Today, Court Warming features a week packed with fun events both on and off campus. In addition, two student leaders from campus compete to be crowned Roo Royalty. The highlights of the week is the Yell Like Hell event, and the Court Warming Roo Royalty are crowned during halftime of the KC Athletics Basketball game on Saturday.


Court Warming 2024 - Roos Are All That

Court Warming 2024, Roos Are All That, will take place February 3-10, 2024. Court Warming 2024 candidate applications are now open and must be turned in by 11:55PM on November 27, 2023. Student organizations can sponsor/nominate one person from their organization to be a part of Court Warming. Their candidate will participate in events, get creative with their organization, and gather votes to be part of the Roo Royalty Court. Any organization that has a student participate throughout all of the Court Warming events will receive $100 for the organization. Funds will be added to that student organization’s MoCode. The 2 students that are awarded Roo Royalty will win $100 in RooBucks that will be added to their student account. We hope to see many different organizations represented this year and have candidates that embody Roo Spirit! Applications can be found on Roo Groups at

Court Warming 2024 Events

Men's Basketball Game
Saturday, February 3rd – 7:00 pm
Swinney Center
Show your UMKC spirit and cheer on the men's basketball team!

Courtwarming Canvas Competition
Monday, February 5th – 8:00 pm
Student Union 402
Grab a canvas and paint your favorite Nickelodeon character!

Court Warming Trivia
Tuesday, February 6th – 7:00 pm
Student Union 302
Test your Nickelodeon knowledge and compete in Court Warming trivia!

Women's Basketball Game
Thursday, February 8th – 7:00 pm
Swinney Center
Show your UMKC spirit and cheer on the women's basketball team!

Yell Like Hell
Friday, February 9th – 7:00 pm
Student Union Theater
Come enjoy Nickelodeon themed performances from our 2024 Court Warming candidates!

Women's Basketball Game
Saturday, February 10th – 2:00 pm
Swinney Center
Show your UMKC spirit and cheer on the women's basketball team!

Canned Art Construction
All Week
Student Union 3rd Floor
Check out the canned art masterpieces created by the 2024 Court Warming candidates!

2024 Candidates

Online voting will begin on Monday, February 5th at 8:00 am and will close on Friday, February 9th at 8:00 pm. Voting will only be occurring online via RooGroups at


Student Org: Delta Zeta

Hometown: Davenport, Iowa

Hobbies: My hobbies include going to coffee shops, scrolling Pinterest, getting my nails done, and hanging out with friends!

Why should I be crowned Roo Royalty: Court Warming seemed like a fun experience and I’m always up for a good time! I know my network of friends and advisors can vouch for my ability to have a meaningful impact and positive influence on those around me!


Organization: Chi Omega

Hobbies: I enjoy watching movies, shopping, and spending time with my friends.

Why I should be roo royalty: I would love to be crowned Roo Royalty because I’m extremely passionate about my organization and I want them to feel as connected to this school as I do. Fostering campus involvement allows for an amazing college experience that I want everyone to enjoy!


Student Organization: Alpha Delta Pi

Hometown: Wentzville, Missouri

Hobbies: Serving at my church’s young adults ministry, lifting, reading, traveling, and trying new coffee shops in the KC area.

Why I should be crowned Roo Royalty: Being crowned Roo Royalty means not only being a leader on campus, but also a leader in the Kansas City community. As a leader both on and off campus, I represent UMKC with grace, humility, and boldness as I show others the love of Christ through my involvement with various non-profit organizations in the KC area, caring for patients and families as a UMKC nursing student and almost nurse, holding different leadership positions in Alpha Delta Pi and being a sister members can count on to always be there to love and support them, and serving the Kansas City community through various outreach opportunities put on by my local church.


Student Org You’re Representing​-Alpha Phi Omega

Hometown ​– Jackson, Mississippi and Kansas City, Missouri

Hobbies​- Reading, most things beauty and fashion-related, and watching documentaries

Why you should be crowned Roo Royalty – I should be crowned Roo Royalty because I am a true representation of everything that UMKC stands for and permeates throughout the community! I am a recent Undergraduate Alumni, current Graduate Student, UMKC Staff, current leader of several student organizations, and a non-traditional, first-generation college student and graduate. I am dedicated to making an impact whether it is through serving the community with my job, volunteering with community organizations in my free time, or leading several student organizations on campus. Through my hard work, dedication, and passion, I believe I honor the commitment of being excellent, being inclusive, and being of service. I have consistently pushed myself to go above and beyond, embracing challenges and seeking innovative solutions. Whether it's returning to college and graduating with my bachelor's degree, starting my MBA Program, or prepping for UMKC School of Law, I aspire to be an inspiration to those who may question if they can, if it’s too late, and that may wonder about how they will accomplish their goals. I am what overcoming adversity looks like. I am what diversity looks like. I am what hope and success looks like, and I look like what never giving up on your dreams looks like! I truly love UMKC, and my experience here has already made me feel like royalty. The crown would just be extra! I am The Heart and True Representation of the UMKC Community.


Student Org You’re Representing​: athletic department: track and field.

Hometown: Kansas City, Missouri

Hobbies​: entrepreneurs, modeling, hairstylist, baker, avid anime consumer

Why you should be crowned Roo Royalty: I feel that I actively work to support and encourage as many people and groups as I possibly can outside of my already busy schedule. I add more diversity to the group not only being outside of the Greek pool but also being a woman of color and a student athlete. I’m a first-generation Roo, the first college student-athlete in my family, first to have a full ride to college.