Lab Hours and Locations

There are three types of computing resource space at UMKC:

  • All-Student Access Labs
  • Restricted Access Labs
  • Group Study Spaces

Checking Lab Availability

You can use the Lab Capacities tool to see how many machines are in use in many of the computer lab sites. If you find the labs are too busy, be sure to check out our Remote Labs or RooLabs computing resources.

Listed below are the locations and contact information for many IS-managed sites.

  • Health Sciences Building Room 3304 (30 seats)
    • Phone# (816) 235-6635
  • Miller Nichols Library 2nd Floor (48 seats)
    • Phone# (816) 235-5307
  • Royall Hall Room 303 (42 seats)
    • Phone# (816) 235-5896
  • Student Union Room 210 (19 seats)
    • Phone# (816) 235-5489

These labs are staffed by Student Assistants to help you with your computing needs.

Current hours of operation: Summer Semester - June 3, 2024 - July 26, 2024


All-Student Access Computer Labs can be used by any enrolled UMKC student. You will need a valid username and password to connect to any of the lab machines. 

In addition to the Health Sciences Building room 3304, Miller Nichols Library 2F, Royall Hall 303, and Student Union 210 sites, you can find All-Student Access Computer Labs at the following locations:

  • Atterbury Student Success Center printing kiosks, located on the second floor
  • Miller Nichols Library
  • Haag Hall Kiosks, located on the walkway between the second floor of Haag Hall and the third floor of Flarsheim Hall
  • Health Sciences Library
  • Royall Hall Kiosks, located on the first floor of Royall Hall

For More information on walk-up internet kiosks, please see the Internet Kiosks page.

Maps of the Volker and Hospital Hill campuses are available to assist you with locating the computer lab site of your choice.

Not all labs are available to the general student body. Departmental Computer Labs are only available to students in the specific related degree program and Residence Hall Computing resources are only available to students living in those facilities.

Departmental Computer Labs

Departmental Computer Labs may have different rules and print quotas. You can check with your instructors or the associated department for questions about access, policies, and software use. If you have technical issues in any of these sites, please contact the Technology Support Center. Information about the different software installed in each Departmental Computer Lab can be found on our Software page.

You can find departmental student computer labs at the following locations:

  • Henry W. Bloch School of Management
    • School of Management
      • Bloch Executive Hall 220 and Bloch Heritage Hall 005
  • Kansas City Athletics
    • Intercollegiate Athletics
      • Swinney Center 251
  • Provost Office
    • Royal Hall 310
  • School of Education, Social Work and Psychological Sciences
    • Teacher Education and Curriculum Studies
      • School of Education 109
  • School of Humanities and Social Sciences
    • School Lab
      • Cherry Hall 117
    • Communication and Journalism
      • Haag Hall 103
    • Media, Art and Design
      • Fine Arts 104, 105, 109, and 113
  • School of Law
    • School Lab
      • School of Law 1-109
  • School of Science and Engineering
    • Architecture, Urban Planning and Design
      • Katz Hall 007 and 201
    • Astrophysics
      • Flarsheim Hall 202 and 205
    • Biological and Biomedical Systems
      • Spencer Hall 082, 085, and 433
    • Chemistry
      • Spencer Hall 223
    • Computing and Engineering
      • Flarsheim Hall 364, 451, 457, 458, 460, 462, 464, and 527
    • Geosciences
      • Flarsheim Hall 403 and 425
    • Physics
      • Flarsheim Hall 246 and 247
  • University Libraries
    • Health Sciences Library
      • Medical School Second Floor, Room 101B
    • Information Commons
      • Miller Nichols Library 100a, 106 and 109
    • Instructional Lab
      • Miller Nichols Library 121 
    • Digital Collaboration Studio
      • Miller Nichols Library 310

Residence Hall Computing Resources

The computer labs and kiosks located within the Residence Halls at UMKC also may have different rules and print quotas. If you have technical issues in any of these sites, please contact the Technology Support Center. Residence Hall computers have the same software as the All-Student Access sites. Information about this software can be found on our Software page. You can find Residence Hall student computer labs and kiosks at the following locations:

  • Oak Park Apartments C203C and C211D
  • Oak Street Hall 2001 and 4078
  • Johnson Residence Hall 1007 and 1011
  • Hospital Hill Apartments Lobby

Group study space is available in the Royall Hall 303 and SU 210 All-Student Access labs. We ask that you keep conversation to a quiet level while working in any of our sites to avoid distracting other people using the lab.

The SU 210 study room has a Mediascape system for group projects. Multiple people can plug in their laptops to the system and take turns using the large screen monitor to facilitate collaboration.