Maintain Your Status

Maintain Your Immigration Status

Our international student advisors are here to assist you in maintaining valid F-1 or J-1 student visa status, but it is ultimately your responsibility to comply with immigration regulations.

Report any changes to us

  • Change in name
  • Change in address (update your local address in Pathway)
  • Change in visa
  • Early completion/graduation or change of major
  • Anything that may or will affect your visa or I-20/DS-2019, including taking a leave of absence for a semester, suspension or dismissal from your department.

Full-time enrollment

ISAO monitors enrollment. If you drop below the required credit hours at any point during the semester, we will send you two courtesy emails. If you do not answer the emails and take no action, we will be required to terminate your I-20/DS-2019 for unauthorized drop below a full course load, and you must leave the United States immediately or begin the process for reinstatement.

  • Bachelor and English-only students must enroll in a minimum of 12 credit hours every Fall and Spring semester. Only three of these credit hours can be online.
  • Master and Ph.D. students must enroll in a minimum of 9 credit hours every Fall and Spring semester. Only three of these credit hours can be online.

If you cannot enroll full-time, you must submit an FTE form and mark one of the category items.

Spring 2024 F-1 Student FTE Form (PDF)

J-1 Student FTE Form (PDF)

Resources to help you maintain your status

Transfer to another school

  • Submit a copy of the official admission letter from your new school
  • Submit a transfer form, if they have one, from your new school
  • Tell us what date you would like your records released to your new school (If you are currently on OPT/STEM, your work authorization will automatically end the day we release your SEVIS records to your new school)
  • When your transfer has been processed you will receive an email from your ISAO advisor

Extend or renew your visa

Change your status or apply for reinstatement

  • Send an email to to start the conversation about changing your visa status or applying for reinstatement to F-1 status

Taking classes at another school?

Apply for or return from a leave of absence

Provide proof of sufficient funds

Leaving UMKC?